Friday, June 1, 2012

The Facebook Pics

I have many friends on facebook and we do share some stuff lately since Psycho Stalker has dedicated her whole facebook to all of us that she has targeted, in some cases for years.

I thought I'd share some of this stuff here.

To our stalking bully who uses the term "stalking bully" because we spoke our minds on the internet.

This is for the psycho bitch who seems to think she's really got some kind of success in life because she has internet access to keep annoying people.

You know who this is about. That's right that vile Karen Nesbit over on facebook who bashes everyone from some guy named Bill to things like Fudge.

My Psycho Stalker should note this and get a clue already!

Here's one for Psycho Stalker's mother to take note of

And anyone who's been aware of her "flesh eating" fetish

Here's what Kathryn O/Karen Nesbit thinks...

This is Karen Nesbit's imposter.....the real Karen Nesbit is NOT a psycho Misery from Detroit with a sledgehammer to grind.

This is what the Crazy KO's calendar looks like. Hasn't changed since high school!

To my stalker who uses facebook & livejournal to post continuous attacks against me and my convention friends. You know who you are.

This is about the stalker who came into our forums, stalked us before and after being banned and has done this tactic since years ago. PID wasn't the first. There were other forums she came into to stalk members there. This is what she does.


  1. That last one is the very ROOT of what she is! Not only does she stalk people on their own sites, she sets out to destroy their sites because it's just not good enough that she's already terrorizing you, she's gotta leave a trail of destruction too! Tell me, did your forum suffer being taken down at any point?

    1. Oh yeah! She has tried to destroy our forums. One even got hacked and ddos until they decided to cloak themsleves in the safety of their own servers.
      We at PID would NOT take any of her shit and so what you see is the consistant abuse she dishes out day after day, on forum after forum and on her accounts. Everything from her is about abusing us. I'm sure I don't have to explain that to you.

      We saw she was crazy and caught her in the act of lying and being a stalker. We banned her. Her next move was to harass Tina and several other members with loads of emails threatening us and whining about being banned. Then when people blocked her, she resorted to her little tricks, the same tricks she blamed others of doing but we know how to read headers!

      Now years later, when her string of hate mail was getting her nowhere, she just sits and thinks about us all day and flames us on facebook. Pathetic little troll.

      I have a few more blogs coming up, so stay tuned...

    2. Forgot to add a few more details.

      Alan had a hand in helping her try to destroy our board but he came to us acting like he was just a concerned netizen. He used a few aliases too. He claimed he had investigated something that did not. The very admin of Hak5 even said that he (Alan) lied and when that admin was shown what was posted in regards to what Alan was claiming, the admin came back and totally blew his lies out of the water.

      Alan told that group of people that he's dealt with stalkers like Kathryn before and that she would eventually dig her own grave but whenever anyone brought up the shit she was doing he proceeded to act like an imbecile. Attacking that one man for whatever reason. Then he basically mocked and taunted the rest. He was banned too. Psycho Stalker does have stupid people believing her shit so be on guard. Several people I have since come to know who are members from MPL have even lamented that the lady admin sure needs to fire Alan and take control back of her forum. In short, he is bad news.