Friday, March 8, 2013

Psycho Stalker Rape Threats

The crazy was flowing forth from the diseased glob of slime today...

Catkick Livejournal of Insane Ramblings and further Insane Ranting

We could curse her with rape too, but will not because

A: we're not insane like she is.

B: we have a life and I do have friends, she can fuck off and die in her friendless isolation while cursing everyone on the way further into her own abyss.

C: nobody can rape the willing, and so any curse of that nature upon the TROLL PSYCHO STALKER KATHRYN O would be wasted.

And finally D: Psycho Stalker does a good enough job cursing herself that she needs no help from me or my family.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ringo likes Blondes!

It seems Psycho Stalker Kathryn O will shit skyscraper-sized bricks to realize that men like those blondes!
For those who don't know, K.O. has an intense hatred for blondes. Because they are prettier than her. Of course, a bald-headed leper is more attractive than K.O.!