Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three Observations From Ezekiel 14

First, the peculiar expression “set up idols in their hearts,” repeated several times with minor variations in Ezekiel 14:1–8, reeks of duplicity. Publicly there may be a fair bit of covenantal allegiance, but heart loyalty simply isn’t there. To set up idols in the heart is to separate oneself from the living God (Ezek. 14:7). That danger is no less treacherous today than in Ezekiel’s time. Somehow we manage to adhere to our creedal profession, but if anything goes wrong our undisciplined rage shows that we maintain little real trust in the living God: our secret idol is comfort and physical well-being. We attend church, but rarely do we pray in private or thoughtfully read the Word of God. We sing lustily at missionary conventions, but have not shared the Gospel with anyone for years. And deep down we are more interested in our reputation, or in sex, or in holidays, than we are in basking in the awesome radiance and majesty of God. Meditate on Ezekiel 14:8, and ask for forgiveness and grace to become more consistent.
Second, those who set up idols in their hearts are the very people most likely to seek out a prophet or a preacher to keep up appearances and secure a little help along the way. But God says, “I the LORD will answer [them] myself in keeping with [their] great idolatry” (Ezek. 14:4). He will “entice” the prophets (Ezek. 14:9–11)—the word might better here be rendered “deceive.” God’s “deception” of the prophets is part of his judicial sentence. Yet it is a peculiar “deception,” for God’s revelation is already there in public Scriptures to be read and studied; moreover, he now openly tells the prophets of his judicial hand upon them. If they had an iota of spiritual sensibility, the warning would drive them to self-examination and repentance. But no: the sentence is pronounced, and they are deceived. Such prophets lie to the people, and the people like the lies and listen to them (cf. Ezek. 13:19).
Third, sometimes judgment becomes so inevitable that not even the presence of the most righteous would delay it any longer (Ezek. 14:12–23). The reasoning presupposes the theology of Genesis 18: God may spare a wicked city or nation for the sake of the just who reside there. But where wickedness overflows, not even the presence of Noah (spared from the Flood), Job (declared “blameless” and “upright,” Job 1:1), and Daniel (Ezekiel’s contemporary, serving in the Babylonian courts, renowned for his piety) will stay the disaster that God ordains. Indeed, when the exiles see the revolting conduct of the new refugees, they will realize how right God was (Ezek. 14:22–23).
Thanks goes to D.A.Carson

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ongoing Saga We Suffer Due To Psycho Stalker

I'll be saving quite a bit from other forums to here, just for my own records since I, too, am a victim of the monsterous troll Kathryn whom we all know as Psycho Stalker. Here is an email conversation that someone gave me permission to share as long as I omited details of who they are. I met this fine lady at a support group for Survivors of Stalking (which the stalker had always targeted due to the fact they had tons of evidence against that nasty person) and this conversation was recent. I will omit names, email addresses and even details so as to not give away who these people are. But it's a commentary on our times how twisted Psycho Stalker is to cause so much grief for people. They call her "Misery" and for good reason!!

Email conversation is as follows:

You may have heard some obsessive gloating by K but I wanted to share
with you the facts so you won't be deceived by her. As I was just a
member, I didn't know what was happening at first but now I know what
happened. I remember having some problems signing in and I fear that
our emails between you and me may have been compromised but I'm not
sure if I was targeted like some other people were. So I changed my
password here on this email just in case.
Here is what the admins of the support group sent out to members, or
at least a few at a time as they are still working on compiling the
posts into another archive and safe electronic storage space.

""To (name omited), I'm emailing everyone to let them know that we had to take
aggressive measures to stop Miss Misery from further trying to
infiltrate the support group.
Between 2010, and much of 2011, she had tried multiple times to sneak
into the forum using proxies, sending other people in to attack and
even had someone attempt a DoS attack and some members were also
compromised when their accounts were cracked into by way of email. All
her attempts failed of course. Then she began reporting some other
forum and harassed them when they responded to her abusive posts she
would announce. At this time she reported our forum again and making
up lies about what content was in it. The abuse team emailed me and
the other co-admin and asked if we could move certain threads into a
locked area. Which we complied with. However her abuse reports weren't
stopping her from annoying them so we asked about a name change of the
forum so that she could not repeatedly make reports and leave the
abuse team alone.
But there was a service charge for this, and we felt that it would be
best to move everything to a different location. We backed up all the
posts and worked with them to come to some resolution of the problem.
Some people suggested to place the forum in Maintenance Mode thereby
closing it off for awhile until the problem went away. When we
explained that the problem will never go away until she is in jail or
prohibited in some way the use of a computer, we all came to the
conclusion that if the forum were taken offline for whatever amount of
time it takes to be rid of this problem. We all agreed to place it in
a 25a hold (which states a NO reason clause for the protection of the
members and admins) a NO reason clause simply means that the staff of
PB do not have to place a forum in a category of terms and that no
party outside the forums admins and PB admins can legally obtain any
criteria about the reasons the forum was taken offline. In this case,
it was to protect the victims and we did show legal documentation of
restraining orders against her, copies of incident reports, and copies
of reports filed with the respective police departments in the
different states in the U.S. and Canada. With all that information, we
came to the conclusion that we had to take steps to protect people and
the evidence.
Suffice it to say that we all came to a decision to stop her from
harassing not only us, but the staff at PB as well. We have all the
posts saved and backed up, they worked with us and helped us do this.
We could have put the forum in Maintenance Mode but the link would
have still shown up as a valid URL and nobody wanted to deal with her
repeated harassment and break-in attempts. There are other victims of
stalking on the forum and we actively looked out for all the members'
safety, not just the victims of that deranged person who still stalks
people and never stops.
Let me know if you'd like your posts emailed to you, and when we get
set up elsewhere under another private forum on a more secure server,
I will send you your posts and an invite if you'd like. If you'd like
to join the first request we ask of anyone is to NOT let "Misery" know
about it. I'd also like to point out that nobody was asked to join the
forum by any of the admins, co-admins or moderators there. And nobody
got in and stayed in unless they were legitimate members. Putting all
of her lies to light for everyone to see. We're simply trying to stop
her from continually harassing people and the only way we saw forward
was to remove the URL in a way that she could not continue to attack
the forum and make repeated false reports against it.
We realize that she feels she did something to slap the victims in the
face, but she did not and she's delusional. We still have all the
evidence against her, we still have all the screenshots of her abuse
and those can be uploaded anywhere and have already been sent to
authorities looking into this case.
Let me know if you'd like all your posts returned or not. All posts
were backed up.
Sincerely, Admin of the Support Group""

So now you know the REST of the story! (incidentally there was more than one admin taking care of the forum)


Actually, I've been up to my armpits in (omited details), fixing numerous computer problems and dealing with my clients that I've basically just tossed her e-mails into the forward file and sent 'em off to my FBI contact.  I did catch one where she mentioned some site was down and that Paul McCartney's security people had "done it," but I've been too busy to be all that concerned.

Sounds like you guys have the right idea to ditch her. (further details omited)

Best of luck to ya


Please save that email you got where she claims anything to do with
Paul's security people. I know you've given me permission before to
give him your email so I'm going to pass it along to him again and let
him get in touch with you and you can forward her email to him. Please
do this, it's not a private matter when she's willfully involving
people in her schemes that are harmful to others.


Oh, I save EVERYTHING.  :)

I'm an e-hoarder!


Good, the security guy's name is Alan, forward to him anything she
said about him/them to him and he should be in contact with you. I'd
give you his email but I remember xxx getting a ration of shit for
giving someone named SilverHamer his email when xxx was just trying to
prove that SilverHamer's people had banned K from their forum. So
we're all afraid to give Alan's email to anyone because of that.
-And hey, if you wanna forward this letter to him as well, be my
guest, I got nothing to hide. Just being truthful. But I gave him your
email and he should be in touch with you. Let me know if everything
was sent and went through. I don't need to see the letter myself
because it would make me sick but Alan should see it especially since
it's very serious that she's implying they'd try to destroy evidence
and all.


I shall await his message then.


Send Alan the email where she mentions they had something to do with
anything! Do that as soon as you can!
BTW we all know she's delusional and twisting shit again and lying all
over the place because Nacky never contacted you or anyone to do with
her that still talks to her! I was the one who passed along the info!
And I hope she KNOWS without a doubt that we STILL have ALL our
archives, the screen shots and all of it despite the hosts that took
it offline because frankly everyone was tired of her constant shit,
lying and making false reports and the fact that she's ALWAYS posting
about us, about Nacky because SHE can't accept that we exist and she's
still trying to destroy us (evidence) whatever.
(Legally they're still in possession of the forum and all the data so Psycho Stalker accomplished nothing)
And please, PLEASE forward any emails to Alan that mention Paul's
security! It's extremely important! I hope once they know, she WILL
slip up instead of skipping out of her shit! Finally to be CAUGHT in
her shit and lies!
.....And just to prove how stupid K is...
Item 10 explains how the forum was not in violation of the terms
regarding IP banning, etc. Which is what she tried to use against them
on numerous occasions! If you'll note, the admins had the RIGHT to BAN
any IP, email or ID we wanted to!
Items 17 through 18 which would detail any violations of slander,
objectional content, etc. is NOT listed on the link as the reason the
forum was suspended.
Instead we have ---> 25a, which states that it can take a forum
offline for any reason or ----> no reason at all <-----. That includes any request from an admin or staff of an individual forum.
It would be 25c had the admins opted to do the duty themselves but I'm guessing
they didn't know exactly how to go about this and they worked with the staff. Or had they opted to delete themselves the page would say something like "Oops, the URL or page is not found" and that means that they can either move it to another host, or simply pay to change the name of the entire forum.
I have no reason to believe that they did this to destroy the forum
because they did help the admins back up the whole archive of posts in
the forum! We have our POSTS! All of them! So much for the crazy bat's
claims that Paul's staff or she had anything to do with it, other than
she kept harassing them into these actions because they just didn't
want to deal with her crazy shit anymore. Just like they stated! And
the DoS attacks had to have been something PB wanted to stop anyway.
They all worked together to get rid of crazy K. Now she's harassing
them in new ways!


Looking back on her latest livejournal post it just proves how fucking
two-faced she is!
I would have NO reason to think you're lying, and since K is always
looking for a scapegoat, I know she's been telling people that Paul
McCartney's security did do something! After telling you outright that
they did, NOW she's claiming they didn't! Boy she sure kisses ass when
she's about to be caught! Further her whole shit fit over what I told
you and her trying to claim that Nacky told you anything is beyond
And Nacky didn't "run" to Paul's staff with any of the shit K claims!
No, as a matter of fact, Nacky simply passed along the same concerns
about K's harassment as I have! So in fact it was ME who first alerted
that guy about the shit K said, not Nacky! Yet K is obsessed with my
friend Nacky so poor Nacky has to endure the abuse over and over
again, being lied about, being harangued, being slammed with K's OTT


After sharing these findings on my own livejournal, one commentor stated:
It sounds like those people who run the MPL site allowed her to harass people, then helped her destroy the evidence against her.
They're in bed with her.
While more comments poured in.

Christy: Psycho Stalker Catkick: The Power-Trippin' Bully! Really power trippin and now taking total credit for having sites destroyed! Like any skid, she's a shitmark.

CanadIan: BTW, how many Yahoo profiles did the victims report for her violationg their TOS? Lost count on that one! How many of Misery's MySpace profiles were deleted because of her excessive abuse on that site? Um, let's see, about two dozen! Not only that, she tried to use Bibbi's name on one of her fake MS profile and she and her minon Betty made an abusive fake profile against Tracy, Iggy and Dynomeit (a moderator of the BSGRevival group)!

Me: While Psycho Stalker attacks very publicly and harasses people with very public harassment, the victims supported each other in a PRIVATE forum and still, Psycho Stalker just couldn't STAND that! Nobody can even respond to her abuse even privately among friends without her trying to destroy them.

CanadIan: Misery is a stalker who taunts people calling them stalkers. Misery is a liar who calls others liars. Misery is the epitome of misery.

Battlestar Hero: The audacity of this bitch! They DID actually move the forum and took it right out of Psycho Stalker's hands! No more break in attempts! And it was a friend of someone named Stu that complained to Paul's staff because Stu wasn't about to lie for Psycho Stalker and Psycho Stalker DID tell him and other people that Paul's DID have something to do with the private support group! So Psycho Stalker YOU are CAUGHT in YOUR LIES, you little piece of lying cuntrag!
Psycho Stalker why don't YOU stop stalking people and LEAVE them the fuck ALONE!?

WishToRemainAnon: She lied! She told a friend I know that Paul's staff did the deed and now she's posting that they're innocent? Either she's lying to that friend or she's lying on her public blogs! She lies all the time! I can't believe a word she posts!

Sherrie: We wish we didn't have to document her ongoing abuse, but she was determined from the very beginning that she was going to do everything in her power to terrorize us and make it impossible to ignore her. She would ambush whole groups and leave links to her abuse elsewhere while gloating how she had them all fooled and on her side. Gee funny how MichiganFandom is no longer duped by her. Funny that. Then she followed victims to other sites. And she's no long term Paul/Beatle fan either. More like a long term Dirk stalker/hater. It all started with a cruise. Nobody else had anything to do with her hatred of Dirk. Not even Dirk!
Speaking of her boasts about destroying sites, namely ones she's been banned from, I'd like to add to what CanadIan said.
Other sites Misery's been banned from for VIOLATING their TOS!

BSGRevival yahoogroup
R&S yahoogroup (despite what the maggot says, no matter how many times she harass-called to a private residence to say 'touché' because she's an obsessive stalker, it's actually been hidden from her for years and yes she's STILL banned! There are several R&S groups, thank you very much)
Many ABBA sites/groups
Digital Spy
Several Wiccan communities
Multiple Battlestar Galactica groups on yahoo
Several Writing forums
X-Files sites
Spidey's Space:1999 forums (BOTH of them!)

The list goes on...

The thing that plagues the internet...because if wasn't shit about Dirk, it was shit about some unfortunate soul!

A member from a BSG site: Follows us around, seeks to destroy our accounts, emails, sites, what have you...we can't even discuss among ourselves in any setting without Misery stalking us - and she calls *us* stalkers! The sickest stalker ever is Misery from Motor City!

A member from PID site: If what we think about her doesn't matter to her....why does she spend her WHOLE LIFE obsessing about us? Trying to remove everything we say? Trying to control us?

Further notes.

On Psycho Stalker's livejournal a/k/a ObsessedWithNacky livejournal she has implied/tried to imply that the victims invited people to the support group. What a laugh! I know for a fact that Nack never invited any of those people that showed up. They just came because Psycho Stalker was dropping the link to all kinds of people asking them to destroy it. So they checked it out instead.

It's so hilarious she thinks PID deleted the Greetings Board! Everything is still for the actual MEMBERS of the forum! But she's too dense to figure that out.

First Post

Well I'm enjoying my weekend and not much is going on atm. Weather's been good. Had two weeks out by the coast, wrapped things up fairly quickly. Other than the long drive back I'm ready to go out and party with friends. I've also compiled lots of evidence screenshots of this really crazy bitch we know as Psycho Stalker Kathryn who loves to spread public attacks on people and then spends her life trying to destroy anyone else's sites who might even discuss her crazy shit, even if it is private. I think she just wants to show the world how tyrantical and unjust she really is! Nobody can say anhything while she continues to terrorize people. Can't even stand that we even exist so she goes around reporting everyone, while she keeps attacking folks on and on relentlessly. So far Tina's board, MFH's board and a private support group have all been contacted by admins to move stuff around. One forum opted to just let themselves be taken off that server so they could move to a different, more secure one. I'll post the letter all members got eventually. They could have renamed it, but they didn't want to spend the money to do that and that was a feature that would have cost money to do so.

One thing's for sure, the crazy bitch is really worried that they still have their forum somewhere and just has to keep gloating her shit. Not to mention that she's the one who violated terms on her numerous attempts to infiltrate, spam and attack the forum.

So while I'm creating this blog, I'll be sharing things that we weren't allowed to talk about on the sites where our Psycho Stalker watches for any opportunity to report any little thing we say! The insane bitch really has no life! And her delusions that a Paul McCartney staff and security is on her side is even more crazy.

And speaking of crazy, the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 is fast approaching and they're already on high alert. Nobody has ever held anniversaries for terrible events like that in the past. It's almost morbid but people gotta come to grips with it and give it some distance while remembering. I remember where I was on that it was so early in the morning I was alseep when a phone call from my brother in upstate NY called me...