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The Psycho Paul Stalker

The Psycho Paul Stalker

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Okay this is my fic about Psycho Stalker who was on the PID forum. Lots of info went into this fic so I'd like to thank Duke, the members of the M P C (Many People Concerned) or Many People of Coolness -- I like that one better, in other words the people who've been victimized by Psycho Stalker Kooky O'Crazy with the big Eg-O! And I like to thank Jesus Christ for giving us the courage to fight against such a blithering idiot like Psycho Stalker!

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

It was raining at the airport when my friend arrived from Canada to stay the weekend with me out in the great NorthWest. We were going to see Paul McCartney in concert in Portland the coming Saturday. We were staying at the Hotel Vintage Plaza, and while dining in the fabulous Pazzo there, we happened to actually meet Paul himself! Naturally we were very syrprised he was staying there too. But an exceptional locale nonetheless and after the intial shock wore off we were chatting away with freakin' Paul McCartney in a lovely setting in a very exquisite place with a great atmosphere.

He was there with a couple of other friends and they had some hours to spare before heading out to the arena for set up, sound checks and some rehearsal.

The suject came up of his rabid, most incredibly psycho like fans. Paul spoke of a few that he remembered from his days in the Beatles. But then he brought up a very dreaded name, Kooky O or Psycho Stalker as we knew her. Paul kind of turned pale as he mentioned her but we chimed in and let him know that we knew exactly who he was talking about.

"I mean she thinks I know her, I've been given the lowdown on what she posts on other sites on the internet and she tries to tell people that she knows me and that I read her tripe stories and everytime I get word, it's always stories about her drama against people that I don't know their situation or what they have to say... it's like she thinks she monopolizes my time, my thoughts, and my opinions! I've been given some details of the others' experiences and I have to say, they have a point, she IS a bloody raving lunatic!" Paul said as he downed the rest if his drink and ordered another.
For a moment, my friend and I just sat there and wondered what we should say because we didn't want to alarm him, for we certainly could tell him of our horrifying experiences that would make his skin crawl.

"What all does she try to do?" I finally asked, giving him the floor because now, I knew she was doing to Paul what she had done to others before him.
"Well," Paul continued. "Some of my staff were given a heads up from some of the members of the official site. There had been some trouble there. Come to find out that she has a long history of harassing and online stalking and that another man of celebrity status was stalked by her, but not just him, a whole fan circle and his staff as well! Scary stuff. And now she's obsessed with me! Writing sh*t about me and thinking I talk to her." Paul was geniunely freaked out by Kooky O.

"I tell you, she causes drama everywhere she goes! People that don't even really know her even say that she loves attention at the very least.
Now that I've played at a concert where she attended, I have seen her delusions manifest even greater and it gives me bad vibes, this one! I got as much info from my staff as possible because she's been causing other members trouble. Do you know she even threatened one of my staff once? Oh yeah. To top it off she's claimed to talk to George Harrison, and sees and hears voices! Then claims on some David Icke board that she's a psychic to the stars! And the witchcraft tripe is what really confirms to me that she could definitely use some extreme therapy!"

We sat there between feeling relieved that he knew what was up, and terrified for him because Kathryn is a stalker and we had no idea how far it had gone but even Paul McCartney himself thought her a total lunatic.

"So do you know about some of her other delusional and paranoid schitzophrenic claims she posts?" I asked at last.

Paul looked at me and my friend and urged a "do tell" look.

"Well she posts outrageous lies and contradicts herself all over the place without realizing she's proving herself to be a liar. People who don't know what she is, just go along with it. They don't know any better. They do see she's crazy but they think she's harmless. But we've seen her past death threats. Her recent B.S. story involving you, doesn't have you killing anyone but she sure had written stories about her last obsession stalkée Dirk Benedict as killing people she hates. Now she seems to be playing the poor-me martyr on steroids. She really doesn't want anyone to see what's behind that mask she wears and the 'act' she's putting on. She's really playing that poor-me crap to the hilt. But the large group of people who know exactly what she is and know of her obsession with those few fans from the past know that all she can think about 24 hours a day is that couple of people. It's everyday Paul. Every day of every week of every month! And she claims they're stalking her! She'll *never* leave them alone! She has spent so much time trying to get even with some of them for outright rejecting her crazy ass and then banning it, it's mind blowing."

Paul listened as we told him more.

"My fine friend Bibbi, she tried to understand what her problem was and was attacked. That's when Bibbi knew without a doubt what Psycho Kathryn was all about. And to this day she keeps hammering on about how Bibbi stuck her nose in her business and that's not the truth. Psycho Kathryn just can't stand that someone else saw through her facade. That she had revealed what she was to Bibbi and now bitterly hates Bibbi for seeing through her act. So that's why. And the whole 'You got in my way' bit is a very text book example of psycho who gets outed as such and goes apeshit and tries to rail-road that person as having done something wrong. Bibbi did nothing wrong." My friend from Canada confirmed it to Paul and he got a look of disgust on his face knowing that this was indeed a problematic situation because he just didn't know how to ban her without suffering the same fate as all the others before him.

That she took that as acceptance of her crazy shit rather than the reality that they already knew what could happen because they were shown plenty of evidence.
"Yeah that was something my guy told me about that. She writes like an emotional cripple and has no comprehension of what adults behave like or how they think because all her life, she must have never had to really grow up. She doesn't strike me as someone who could literally make a living or have a life unless it's off someone's back, financially and emotionally. I doubt she can actually have a meaningful relationship in normal society." Paul inserted.

"Why does she think you'll go after the people she stalks and thinks you'll help her combat them?" My friend asked.

"Because she's a fucking crazy lunatic." Paul stated quickly. "Look, I already know she's been trying to get me and my staff to believe *I* was threatened. It's all manipulation and a head game, she thinks we're all stupid and just as childish as she is. We know it was her asking for hackers on the forum she claims doesn't know anything about but mentions a million times anyway. Really she's quite a dead giveaway of her own actions. If I didn't know how dangerous she was, I'd laugh at the absurdity of her pathetic cries for attention.

But here's what I know from my guys on my staff at the site, for one I know that there was a real police order against her from a family who she called on their home with remarks about knowing where they lived, and other threats and then how she attacked some other sites claiming that the police order was fake. The people we questioned provided us with exact details, contact details and we confirmed it was real. But that's the mode of a stalker when the stalker is confronted with a police action against them. They try to deny it's real and then will walk through it and make further contact anyway. Believe me I've been in those same shoes and my heart goes out to those people she's done that crap to!" Paul continued...

"I know that she harassed the lady who operates an official site for a TV star from the states named Dirk Benedict and we saw her posts on various sites that were provided to us from the helpful folks at a private support group.
I know that she has sent him hundreds of insane letters via post and was also on a cruise she was detained on for scaring the passengers with threats and brandishing something that was so disgusting and freaked a lot of people out.

I know that she lives in a total fantasy world and doesn't even know what reality is. And I know she would hurt someone given the chance. Oh and she's a complete idiot when it comes to Stella and anyone else she disses in my family! Higher power showed her what we all thought of her stupider than sh*t sign! Still laughing at that one!"

Paul sat there, staring at his glass, as we shivered at the fact that there was nothing that could be done until she actually did hurt someone then it could be actionable. We all resolved that she would act like a psycho on the internet until her free ride was overwith and she'd have to foot her own internet bill, therefore she'd no longer have a way to continue her massive psycho assaults on the netizens of the world.
Paul, my friend, myself, and certainly many other people all hoped it would be soon.

Edited to take out Psycho Stalker's online name

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LOVED IT! Here I'd like to add some too.
"Paul, do you talk to that crazy Kathryn at concerts? The creepy stalker who thinks she's a witch and curses people via the internet without any real life results?"
"That crazy bitch who thinks you knew where she was sitting amid thousands of other audience members, the crazy obsessive fan who thinks you follow her posts on the internet and who usually trolls your forum? The ugly bat who thinks you have any clue or idea about any of her psycho drama..."

"I hire people to take care of that kind of thing, I don't know her!" Paul said and looked back, "And I never wanna know!"

And so it goes that Paul does not want her to succeed in her relentless goal to destroy, harm, CURSE and STALK people on the internet! Good on Paul! He does not wish that kind of cursing drama bitch on anyone because his life is not about helping her feed into her own delusions. No luck on trying to fool people with her ruthless drive to succeed in her gruesome quest for revenge and voodoo! She can't lie about events at that concert so easily either because so many witnesses were there. Not like she could lie about the cruise of Dirk Benedict to a whole group of persons who weren't there, but there were those who came out of hiding to tell on her ass and they found out what a pathetic LIAR she is! Everyone got that? Good.

"Is she trying to say things about me that are untrue?" Paul asked.
"Paul, you don't even wanna go there. It's a troll on the internet named Kathryn O aka Psycho Stalker, do the logic."
"Save me!"
"She claims to have a gun."
"HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHAAA! Oh I see, she's thinks she's a witch who can shoot people in the head? Does she also have this thing about me touching her in some way, hugs, etc?"
"Why no, she wants to rape you with an object, any hugging fantasies is to merely tell herself that you accept her as she is...which is an insane crazy psycho off-her-meds internet troll."
"She'll never get within ten feet of me, I promise!"
"She also looks like a ball of fat, with a dead animal on her head and wears rubbish sacks, talks about her hairy armpits like she's proud of them, moderators removed that disgusting thread, and she's as nasty as anything you've ever encountered!"
"Time to hire more security!"
"She lives with her mother and she's like 40+ something."
"No life, eh?"
"No. Her date with the men in white coats from the asylum is long overdue. She's still trying really hard to get there though!"

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Hey Duke! That should be PUBLISHED! You've got a talent there my good friend!

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I thought it was brilliant myself! Paul or any incarnation of him would not give that boiled asshat a second of his time and he certainly would NOT wait after a concert to indulge her and her whack paranoid delusions!

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Duke, just a heads up. We moved one of the threads to the admin area. Psycho Stalker still stalking and getting people to be a "personal army" and all that. The admin will pick through it and take her "name" out and then we can move it back. She sure has no problem posting people's names on her stuff and in forums and sent through harassing emails! I just wanted to let you and anyone else know that one of the threads was moved to an admin area for now.

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We need to copy this thread too, because she will try to destroy it too. Especially since I have more info pointing to her harassment of others.
So psycho! Psycho Stalker didn't want anyone to see the thread about her psycho BUT she sure calls more attention to it anyway!
Psycho still causing trouble, can't let no one discuss anything that she willfully puts out there to harass everyone!

"Nor do I care what a bunch of PIDers think of me"
"They don't effect my life in the least bit."

Apparently she's lying through her gaping maw, why would she be alerting PB to ask us to move threads if she so didn't care?? Yeah our TRUTH about her effects her GREATLY!

"(Yes, I did leave their site. I didn't even notice I was banned until they told me."

What a BUNCH OF BULLsh*t! Psycho Stalker totally started sending a STRING of hate mail to Tina after Tina banned her! She also claims to have "left" MFH on several other boards and tells people they were causing trouble on David Icke and getting banned from there with such delight in her tone, but she "left" MFH! Again with the contradictions! Claims she "left" but was "banned" all in the SAME sentence folks!!
Then to show how much she doesn't "care" about we say here. There's this!
She is insane.

Talks about TOS violations on several of those harassing posts but always removes her own posts so SHE CAN'T be reported!! She gets her links sent through long enough for the victims to see but not the staff! We're not the only ones who notice her underhanded tricks and tactics!
See the further abuse that she rails at everyone. But of course, we, can't discuss it or say anything to defend anyone she attacks!
I just look at her posts and wonder how someone like that is allowed to even be on the internet. She willfully posts abuse after abuse and directs people TO her links so they see the abuse!
But by God, nobody had better even respond, counter, defend themselves or even note all her insane posts DIRECTED AT those she is WANTING to read her abuse!
The stuff about GothicBeauty sounds like she's jealous of her and isn't Psycho the one promoting polygamy and polyandry on other sites? Or does that just apply to her buying virgins?
The stuff about Brick. I know someone who knows him, Psycho claimed to put curses on him and when he took a fall some time ago, she took credit for that! 'Cause she thinks she's a witch.
And that livejournal person she claims is her friend against someone she hates. Ooops, looks like Psycho Stalker forgot to get her lies straight! Maybe that person realizes the Psycho is the root cause of all the shit being stirred! That innocent people get dragged into by pandering to her and when they see her for what she is, they have to take steps to protect themselves. Much like all those people from the Dirk Benedict site had done.
All those threats she posts about feds. I know for a fact there are plenty of the people she harassed who WANT the feds to look into Hak5 and her posts there! I wonder how much she'll shut up if and when they ever do! I wonder what she'll claim then? That a gremlin must have got on her computer and posted?

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Thank God for Italian Lawyers....especially, Sicilian!!!

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Here's more info by a source who knows and witness to things Psycho Stalker twists.
Psycho Stalker is known by many names beside "alienated" on some people's livejournals and psycho is one of them, among others. I'm sure she'll try to spoof that person and forge that too!

Psycho is still causing shit and trying to weasel her way out of her comments against Brick and everyone, while still posting such outrageous lies and made-up stories. People have heard her outright take credit for someone else's injury. Doesn't surprise me one bit. And with all the evidence of her own posts about putting curses on people, and being a witch, well...
Everything she says about that lady Diane is completely false and her twisting of reality. It was Psycho Stalker who was booted to the curb from those clubs because she wanted to boff some guy's son.
And that folks, is the real story!

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Yikes you guys! I know this psycho you're talking about. Recently she approached a minor and started talking about very inappropriate things. That individual's profile clearly showed under 18, but she would not stop with the overly sexual content. The parents had contacted authorities and there are a couple of people (myself included) trying to find as much as we can to put a better picture together so we're not held accountable for what she does and posts.

I have to say that she (misfittoy aka psycho stalker) does love attention and reading her blogs she seems to really like reading YOUR posts everywhere while bitching if someone reads her posts. Very strange since she posts attacks -AFTER- spying in on what people say whether it's about her or not. She always launches the attacks, this I know! I've seen her work before. She does have a way to turn people against other people. She does have someone who does crap for her on the internet. Probably a relative.

I also took a look at her so-called claims. Nobody from here or the other boards she names (MFH) threatens anyone's lives. So that was a couple hours of my time spent looking for something that didn't exist. She likes to wave some David Icke letter around. One that was against both only1rad and maccafunhouse groups of members.

She's getting off on the posts about her, but reporting them so they warn you guys but she's the one doing the harassing! If she wants she could ignore all the people she hates loudly and see if they go away, but she won't because she's always watching and reading anything she can jump all over. So I really can't blame you for taking notes, saving evidence and saying what you do about her. She's making it impossible for anyone to ignore her and I know one of her minions go out of their way to get members stirred up.

The way she carried on about whoever Gothicbeauty is, I could tell she really got her sick nuts off on that and it sounded like she really hasn't had any kind of upbringing, her parents are obviously inbred and without any redeemable qualities so she's like the runt of a really bad bunch. She does trash talk on her own mother online so that whole family seems to be totally imploding in on itself.

In this,
some of her work and reading it, it does actually sound like her. Same use of words and bitching techniques.

She seems to be using an alias "guestofhonor" when she was busy trying to "help" PID and the date of her post is Sep. 2009 and I take it that she was at one time a member here, probably playing both sides of the fence. Her real agenda though, seems to be these other people. She does claim in that post and to several other people that she does talk to Paul and that she did recently talk to him in person.

This is through the grapevine and the members that told me that wouldn't make that up but she lives in a delusional world so I believe she really does think she talks to Paul MCCartney of the famous band beatles. She does have a case against this forum and MFH forum.

I like the replies she got, one member's reply who wrote to the thread I especially agree with since she's always attacking people.
"Most everything you see posted on this forum is in response to something they have said or done, usually with snide remarks toward us. It is basic human instinct to RESPOND when someone puts you down for your opinions, and that is what this forum is all about...RESPONDING!"

Well that's what people are doing from where I'm sitting and she does make more than snide remarks towards people. I find it very hard to believe she's actually got any kind of a life herself when she isn't at work she's always on the internet and spending long nights on it just posting and getting members worked up and pissed off. How is she carrying on any kind of relationship?

"You have no clue of the history behind the members of this forum and their experiences over the past 6 or 7 years with regards to those whom we direct our posts."

Nice one. It's why people fight back against her. She won't stop but it holds true, turnabout is fairplay and if she's going to keep harassing others with curses and threats, threats of being cursed by a delusional troll such as her, then damnit people have a right to discuss whether they're laughing at her or wanting to see her locked up. I suppose she'll be stalking this thread too.

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Psycho Stalker doesn't want anyone seeing her ugliness and her stalking of people (although it's quite obvious) so that's why she's always reporting anyone who says a thing! Tina moved a thread and will edit out the name and put it back. I know people would like to have that information available. Those people we defend have a right to be heard. Psycho has spent years trying to destroy everything they have, brags about it, taunts them and still continues to act like a poor-me martyr while behind the scenes she's sending death threats, creating death curse accounts on social networking sites and spamming people with that crap.

Yet she never allows anyone to speak out against her! And she doesn't want her "following" to see any of her deeds. Cause then they might get an eye-opener! She wants them to be as blind as possible lest they see her real face, what's really there behind her mask of "normal" and they get the treatment you're witnessing right now. And this has gone on for years! She's even forged people's emails to Dirk's manager, to sites comments, used socks and then kissed her own posts in public as if they were other people while the site owners like Tracy and Carol could see her IP and how it was all the same IP. So she's a dumb ass as well. Just reportin' it here, folks!

Her PETA remarks really show what a dumb ass she remains to be! What, she got no links to her claims? LOL what a shame. Farking full of shit! As always. Her eyes are brown, her face is a nightmare! Her trashbag clothes make sense for her, since she is what she dresses like! You put smelly things in the trash. Wonder what those normal rich people whom she always rants against would think of her fashion sense! I really hope Stella says more about fashion and hippies! I like Stella ever since I knew how much Psycho Stalker hated her.  And the detective in Michigan whom she mentioned, I know this through the grapevine, he says she's a liar, was never married and lives in a complete dream fantasy world. That she has no permits for a gun. That she's crazy as hell! I know he was asked to do a background check on her. Psycho Stalker was never married so her "polygamy" thing can't be believed unless she lives in Utah! I'm pretty sure it's illegal even in Utah and the Mormon church doesn't condone it.
Just pointing that out.

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Aug 4, 2011, 3:39pm, gothicbeauty wrote:
Thank God for Italian Lawyers....especially, Sicilian!!!

Don't forget people have saved screen captures of her posts and livejournal will abide by a court order. All the time-stamps, dates, and content is saved in full. Her IP would also show where she's posting from, whether she uses other computers or not, those computer's IPs will also show up.
Your lawyer would also have the wherewithall to obtain a court order. Wonder what "rich broads and brats" are gonna help her? I can guarantee Paul/Faul's money won't help her. ;D

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Oh man! Did you see her latest wad of psycho?
I'd say she's certainly stalking YOU now! Making many referrences to you and what WE say in here! I had to laugh at her patting herself on the back for her "story" the misspelled lousy piece that it was. Not to mention the content was so immature and delusional for someone who's supposed to be an adult. Your story however, was excellent comeback.
I'll bet she's really seething! Psycho Stalker just can't stand it!

She likes to wave some David Icke letter around. One that was against both only1rad and maccafunhouse groups of members.

What letter? I joined this forum to ask questions about that specific topic and what she had posted there and the claims she made that she, at that time, was filling up the Macca boardie with. She stalked ME right into here or apparently already watching this forum and decided to report my thread!
Oh that polygamist thing, and her claims of having multiple sex partners, doing married couples and all that bunk. Total and complete nut! She lives on her computer. She's always at the Macca boardie but she can't really flame anyone in there.

« Reply #12 on Aug 5, 2011, 12:35am »

Of course she's stalking me!
I piss her off. We all piss her off. We've seen her real self! Sociopaths don't like to be revealed. She wants to merrily lie and be a stalker without people noticing it.
Title about dreams and John Lennon misleading, it's another hate post and John Lennon don't give a sh*t about her psycho drama, but she hears voices and needs her meds for that disorder she has. The insane stalking disorder too!

And wow, like people including me already googled her claims of insects and viagra because we knew she was full of it! Newsflash! She's still full of shit and STILL can't provide links because GUESS WHAT? Her claims are BULL-SH!T! A flyer? Oh God that excuse is so lame! As lame as her "someone posed as me" BS! As LAME as her "Gremlins did it" she is a laughing stock!
Approaching minors even! Richard never stated the gender of the kid, now THAT'S what I call a Freudian slip! Duke even saw her posts on the other forum he belongs to about "Buying virgins" that's the lingo pedos use, I'll bet!
The biggest double talking sentence she posted yet!

"PS, if you ignore me, you might help me go away. I see I stirred your emotions yet again as always."

Translation: I gotta appear as someone who wants ignored...DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE ME THOUGH!

And furthermore, people have TRIED for YEARS to ignore the psycho! She ALWAYS sends them creepy emails, harassing emails, ooh and death threats! Attacks their sites with off-topic attacks directed AT them, forges comments and forges emails. Attack Dirk and all his fans everywhere. I've seen this happen and read the back archives of all that. She still posts constant harassment on a livejournal, and _every_fricking_public_forum_ while anyone seeing it they are the ones who get reported for protesting!
I'll bet she's trying to one-up Hitler.

We all notice her posts that mock people to stop reading her harassment is always laced with furthering remarks that prove she's desperately wanting people to read her hate posts! Like she casts some insults and lies out her ass about anyone then tells them they're stalking her! Methinks she believes she owns and controls the net!
Now to point out the MAJOR flaws with her stupid and invalid arguments. The major flaws, because the whole bunch of crap today was nothing but flawed.

"exploring the net for other resources besides stalking me."

Let's talk about that. Why does she ALWAYS click into our forums? Onto Bibbinut's livejournal (who does notice all the logs of Psycho Stalker peeking in on her) and BTW attacks her for any little thing she posts and the UNPROVOKED attacks she's always throwing out at Bibbi! Not mentioning all the other people who get slammed by her, Bibbi is just one great example of the harassment she posts about her and the ever repeated "God hates you" shit! And all the other stuff she posts that INDICATE she is stalking US!

"Now here is a question for you:"

Still talking directly at us. Hilarious!

"would you say that you contantly reading everything I post on the net is called...wait for it...stalking?"

Hey how about that?! Tina, Duke, Gothic, myself, everyone else, we're being STALKED! I knew it! All our posts she reads, everyday and she still posts attacks directly at us! So she's outing herself with direct attacks, reports against our forum, still trying to tear it down. And isn't she posting it on the net to begin with? Oh it's that 'I own the internet' thing she deludes herself of. When I see crazy, I'll certainly have a thing or two to say! What's she gonna do? Curse me?

"My stories stir up interest in Paul and that bothers you."

Oh yeah, Paul's popularity just went through the roof because of Psycho Stalker! Is there anything she doesn't take fake credit for? And there she was trying to pretend to take the heat off him for being dead or whatever, and there she is now...THROWING HIM UNDER THE BUS! Yeah let's all get back to our Paul hatred! BWAHAHAHAHA! Jesus does she even read her own posts before hitting that send button? What a mess! What a train wreck she is!

"Well, I got my information from an actually glossy paper flyer they put up on a bulletin board."

"an actually glossy flyer" if she isn't misspelling something, the grammar gets slaughtered!
Oh man, that's gotta be the stupidest sorry excuse I ever heard to try to justify her lies and claims!
Yeah I saw a glossy flyer they put up about Paul being dead! Yeah that'll work. That's the ticket! MAN! I needed a laugh.

Oh and she's got another think coming if she thinks we read her smut. Nobody cares about that crap. It's the eternal harassment that's being documented. She sure lives in delusion! Even MORE delusional that she thinks we give a sh*t whether or not she believes in PID or not! We don't CARE! Leave us alone! Stop reading on this forum! Stop sending people shit! Stop being a stalker who trolls the internet! Stop lying about people! Even MFH! Stop lying about them to strangers! They banned her! WE banned her! She's still not over it!

« Reply #13 on Aug 5, 2011, 1:19am »

Aug 4, 2011, 7:59pm, richard wrote:
I also took a look at her so-called claims. Nobody from here or the other boards she names (MFH) threatens anyone's lives. So that was a couple hours of my time spent looking for something that didn't exist. She likes to wave some David Icke letter around. One that was against both only1rad and maccafunhouse groups of members.

The only one who specializes in threatening people's lives is Psycho Stalker herself. But we're all still alive! God really loves us!
The DI thing, it's just a letter she likes to gloat about. It's against both PID and PIA (MFH). It calls them nasty bonkers and trolls, and calls PID a bunch of conspiracy railroads or whatever. Very angry letter about the fighting between members from here and there. I lurked. So I stayed out of the line of fire because I knew the psycho stalker was there.

In this,
some of her work and reading it, it does actually sound like her. Same use of words and bitching techniques.

Yeah that's her. I thought it was stupid. They handed her ass to her.

I suppose she'll be stalking this thread too.

Anyone who comes here, gets stalked by her. Tina can only ban so many IPs and Psycho Stalker does use proxies. Plus she sneaks in here sometimes. Where she is NOT welcome.

« Reply #14 on Aug 5, 2011, 11:00pm »

A post directed at PID! More attention-whoring by a sleazeball who couldn't pay someone enough to touch her with a ten-foot pole!

The psycho's story is a (to use her own criticism) usual rabid rantings foaming at the mouth slobbering with the words, "Paul said" and "We said" thrown in for measure.
Yep, that's all it is! Just as deluded as herself. Mary Sue as Psycho Single White Female.

Heh, we really "stir her into a rage"!

Paul talking to someone in a FIC, like he would in her MADE UP trainwreck of bandwidth that she actually claims is real! Yeah sure someone just put that idea into people's heads! Who else claimed for years to be on close personal terms with Dirk Benedict? Hmmm? We here at PID know the score! We've actually talked with the people who run the DBC! We'll go with them since they know Psycho Stalker all too well.

 At the graphic detail to which something gruesome was described. Hands down her stuff beats all!

Funny I've still yet to see the eating babies stuff with Obama! Do you think she'll ever show us where all these PID posts about eating babies are? I wonder what sock she'll create to go on over to MFH or DI or ATS or any of those places and post something posing as a die-hard PID believer so that she can make it be real! Here's a thought; what if she's really that weirdo GetSmart? She does have A LOT of time on her hands when she isn't stalking (oops stocking) some shelf at a store to earn money for Beatles stuff to copy from. Stealing and plagiarizing people's already published works!
I wonder if her mother knows how she talks about her online? What's her name, oh Shirley you can't be serious!

"and ask Lily about Gothic Beauty."

Is Lily just like Psycho Stalker who loves talking about people?! And posting their names even! Like anyone is going to go "ask Lily" about GothicBeauty, is Psycho Stalker really fucking serious? Anyone named Lily in the world...WATCH OUT! Psycho Stalker's sending people your way! To... wait for it... to trash talk someone else that Psycho Stalker HATES! LMAO!
Lily sounds like a total loser with a balding head and no teeth because someone saw her face once and kicked it in. Where's Lily now? Lily-livered Lily who enjoys Kathryn's favorite past-time; bashing others and gossip about them!

"Husband rejected her while she was starkers. Ha ha ha"

See her total meltdown? I see it. Maybe the guy wasn't a polygamist!  Or wasn't into a Chris O'Dell who enjoys having sex and being called a whore by jealous batfuck insane garbage bag wearing, hairy armpitted ugly psycho women like "K" (God forbid we write her name out like she does to people!) without her trying to report us!
Those S&M clubs she keeps mentioning must be a real PTA meeting where they meet up to talk about quilting because the whole crap story about GothicBeauty sounds like Psycho Stalker is incredibly jealous that things like sex went on and that GB got a piece of action where Psycho just couldn't!
God forbid anyone shove the abuse she dishes out right back in her fat psycho face!

"If you ignore me, I'll go away. promise."

Spoken by a true stalking psycho. Rabid spiteful psycho. As if we're gonna believe a thing that a notorious liar says or claims! Actions speak louder than words! She started her attacks on the human race a long time ago! As far back as a cruise where she didn't get her way with Dirk Benedict! It's her that's the problem! But she'll never see it. Soicopaths never take responsibility for actions and she was never raised to know right from wrong. Evil from good.

"I hope you burst a blood vessel in your brain from all that unhealthy anger you harbor."

Promises her psychopathic personality would never allow now followed by you guessed it!... CURSES (how predictable) and look she wishes harm for something she projects herself! Hell she spends her life wishing harm on others. You can see it now, she sits and chants "pleasekillthemGeorgepleasekillthemGeorgepleasekillthemforme" hoping someone drops dead any minute!

Seems like she's busting some blood vessels herself with all that angry mad posting without spell checks, grammar checks, anger checks. LOL! Maybe she'll get sympathy from some other sites by claiming to be a cripple with a life-threatening disease!
That is, until they find out she's just a nasty troll who stalks people and looks for the next sucker.
Psycho Stalker is a nasty little fucker that just can't leave people alone.

There's even GRUDGE WANKERY!

"Oh, and I posted your story in some of my Beatle writing groups"

Yet no links! I wonder if people who would bother coming in here from her narrow little group of idiots would actually have the capacity to note her total angry rage at her own Mary Sue being mocked? Probably not.
She just keeps mouthing off, as the old saying goes; writing checks with her mouth that her ass can't cash.

Maybe if she's passing along a little fic from here around, I shall write another one where Paul asks, what is wrong with the freak with big head with no brain K? Why does she enjoy talking about cruelty to animals anyway? Why does she sit and torture small things? And all the stuff I could point out of her corrupted soulless psycho personality.
Then I'll have Stella play a female cop who cuffs her and throws her in jail for trying to sexually harass Paul on a cruise, and then have her convicted and put away for a good long time. I know lots of people would like to read THAT! What's more is they outnumber any of her "fans".
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

« Reply #15 on Aug 5, 2011, 11:37pm »

Duke... she's attacking you now, still going off on her wild fantasies. She sure is bringing PID a lot of attention and traffic with her insane claims!
Obama, Babies and Brains... oh my!

« Reply #16 on Aug 6, 2011, 1:20am »

I saw it already. Psycho Bitch made sure of it. Ah the same tired old rubbish about leaving people alone while still posting direct trolling at them! HAH I'm a Stella lover now! Funny, never claimed to be before. Just agreed with Stella and I hate the troll who never misses an opportunity to trash her. As a matter of fact to quote the Psycho K she said "I lift my skirt if Stella ever wants to apologize to me" Not the hippies just (her) because K is psycho delusional 99trillion ways till eternity! Mods removed her hateful and tasteless remarks about Stella. Members handed her her ass and she still thinks Stella insulted her personally!

Also I joined here because she was popping off shit in Macca's boardie about David Icke and her so-called "psychic abilities" so I came here to ask questions and because she stalked me here, I decided I would just let my true opinions of her be known! I don't say much on MPL. Like me, people there ignore her and just stay clear of her.
I also don't believe Paul is dead nor am I a moderator here! HAHAH! The host of this forum has been gracious to let me remain and has not bothered me, nobody here has tried to force feed me any PID material. I'm like the agnostic of the whole thing. I really don't know and don't care! I can enjoy an artist or a band without caring too deeply about anything outside the music. Fleetwood Mac (I know you're a big Stevie Nicks fan, Deanna) is a band I love but I could care less who was with who, who ran off with who, who broke up with whom. I just don't care about famous people's personal lives. So
with that said, Psycho Stalker is just re-beating her dead horse of a dumber than hell bag of hateful commentary against everyone, PID, & the human population! She keeps reading in here. She won't stop because she's home and not at her pyjama party with her 13 year old fellow whacko-witchy witches who think they're going to cast spells and gather hair samples for their voodoo hexes and play gossip on the internet like a dumb gaggle of quacks. There's time well spent for her! Well if she can tear herself away form this forum long enough. Which I doubt!

Buying Beatles books, and buying virgins, stalking people on the internet and talking big shit that she can't live up to. Maybe her imaginary George and John voices will speak to her through her polygamist gay boyfriend who used to work for the IRS / CIA and they can post something that will really scare everyone! lol! Her gun threats kinda went flop. Does she just take a needle and inject her head with Drain-O? She can always give herself an enema by inserting the nozzle into her ear, maybe that will help? There's a lot of shit in that head of hers.

And I swear for someone who claims to champion "misfits" and hates "rich snobs" she sure has a total opposite stance on her livejournal posts! She seeths at sexually active people and calls them hateful names and shows her contempt for disabled people, and all the nasty things she assails them with, she's the biggest bigot of them all! Acting just like the rich snob looking down on everyone that she is! If someone has something she doesn't, well, she feels it should be hers and not theirs! Psycho K is a loathesome creature. I'd personally throw a party if she were really arrested and put in a cell for a long time!
I'd throw a party if she were banned from the Macca boardie! I'm not alone in that thought either!

« Reply #17 on Aug 6, 2011, 1:29am »

The Obama thing just makes me laugh! I think she just wants to make PID folks look like big badasses! Ok then, Obama ate the brains out of a baby's head last Tuesday! I couldn't believe it! He took a baby, grabbed a fork and ate the brain of a baby! Then Paul came to his house and he fixed him up with a Gerschwin award! Then they went and played poker with Stella and ordered.......SUSHI!!!!
Ate the brains of a fish, they did!

« Reply #18 on Aug 6, 2011, 4:57am »

Someone sent me this note:
"I hope you burst a blood vessel in your brain from all that unhealthy anger you harbor."
Read it backwards, it makes more sense!
"I harbor anger so unhealthy that I post my hope of you bursting a blood vessel in your brain!"

How about that? Reading Psycho Stalker's stuff backwards reveals the true meaning coming from her dark abyss that must be the Gates of Hell she comes out from and crawls onto the internets to torment the living!
Duke! Love your posts! You's funny!

« Reply #19 on Aug 7, 2011, 6:20pm »

LOL she writes that she's a better writer "then" you. I know she thinks she's better than everyone else, and that her smut writing is something to be proud of, hopefully those kids will outgrow the foolishness but she's a middle aged single who lives with her mother and has nothing but a fantasy world to live in.
Check your pms, I couldn't reach the owner of the other board and I'm still trying to gather some info. It's important. Thanks.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Psycho Stalker's Gloating is Null & Void

For awhile I have kept checking back to the support group/forum and it's still in maintenance mode. As I've reported before, the admins and the hosting service had to take drastic measures to move the forum. Right now it's in maintenance mode but there will be windows of time when it's open for us members to slide on in and get all our private messages and copy them to the new hosting service. It was kinda tricky how they pulled it off, because the admins had been bombarded with attacks for months and made their wishes to move known to whoever they're working with.

So all that gloating the Psycho Stalker posted and thinks she accomplished something is the subject of much laughing and head shaking! The worm is still very much obsessed with those whom she stalks and she'll go on forever just bitching and moaning about someone!

More news later as it becomes available!