Monday, November 7, 2011

Psycho Stalker's Gloating is Null & Void

For awhile I have kept checking back to the support group/forum and it's still in maintenance mode. As I've reported before, the admins and the hosting service had to take drastic measures to move the forum. Right now it's in maintenance mode but there will be windows of time when it's open for us members to slide on in and get all our private messages and copy them to the new hosting service. It was kinda tricky how they pulled it off, because the admins had been bombarded with attacks for months and made their wishes to move known to whoever they're working with.

So all that gloating the Psycho Stalker posted and thinks she accomplished something is the subject of much laughing and head shaking! The worm is still very much obsessed with those whom she stalks and she'll go on forever just bitching and moaning about someone!

More news later as it becomes available!

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