Sunday, October 13, 2013

Crazy Person

Someone sent me the following links and while I do know one person from the David Icke forum, I really don't know anyone else that I see in any of these links.

But here is what I received by message to perhaps include here. Because it is a good glop of links showing what an ass and all round lunatic Psycho Stalker is, I have copied it to here.

Look at this LOL! A bunch of Catholic hate.

Forced to be Catholic?

"I've worked with magik for over 40 some years."

KO is 46 years old right now. If she was "forced" to be Catholic, how is she working with "magik" [sic] as a 40+ years witch? She's implying that she was somehow working with this shit when she was less than 6 years old! And how come a 40+ years witch don't know how to spell magick? LOL!

And she has been "ingrained" with alien abductions since birth! Strange that Catholics would foster alien abduction theories in their family.

And she's been channeling dead people!

And that shit she describes never even happened. She's never been called by any Labyrinth-building celtic woman to help Paul defeat people who believe in the PID thing. That post was in 2010. Where is she now? That would be nowhere! The crazy bitch was banned from both PID and PIA forums and isn't really Paul's saviour or recognized as one. Although she does fancy herself as such.

Getsmart's OWNAGE of KO (dolphinoflight)

AH! It was a bag lady in the cemetary! Labyrinth at a nearby church = cemetary!
Bag lady asks her if she channels the dead = some serious LSD trippin' in the cemetary.

Dolphinoflight is Catshit(KO) sockpuppeting in the David Icke forum.

Hermajesty knows it's KO though and answers KO's persecuting post while KO still plays the persecuted one.

Getsmart calls the bitch out!

One last thing.

LOL she goes into the woods and wears leaves and packs mud all over herself and her friends take pictures of it! Of course ever the narcissist, she thinks she looks great!

Anyway, don't really know any of the people in any of those threads. They all know that Catshit is a lunatic with definite psycho going on there. So even the bystanders can see. I'm not sure what to think of "butterpie" or whatever her name in the Macca thread "Do you believe in magick", but that topic is rife with Catshit craziness!

Okay now for my thoughts on this thing. The thread in which this butterpie person appears is really wonked. I can't figure out if butterpie is just trying to get Psycho Stalker to reveal how crazy she is or if she really does buy into that crap. Cuz ain't no way that Kathryn O the psycho woman is a witch or have any special mission in life to protect Paul/Faul. I have studied the theory of PID myself and know people in this field. I stay off the big forums and don't really say much. I'm more of an observer but whatever my opinions are on butterpie or even the regulars on DI, I can say that at least they all have Psycho Stalker sized up pretty good.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crazy People

Naked Man Claiming to Be a Descendent of Sasquatch Attacks Hunter.


Now Sasquatch... who does that remind me of? Hmmm...