Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Post

Well I'm enjoying my weekend and not much is going on atm. Weather's been good. Had two weeks out by the coast, wrapped things up fairly quickly. Other than the long drive back I'm ready to go out and party with friends. I've also compiled lots of evidence screenshots of this really crazy bitch we know as Psycho Stalker Kathryn who loves to spread public attacks on people and then spends her life trying to destroy anyone else's sites who might even discuss her crazy shit, even if it is private. I think she just wants to show the world how tyrantical and unjust she really is! Nobody can say anhything while she continues to terrorize people. Can't even stand that we even exist so she goes around reporting everyone, while she keeps attacking folks on and on relentlessly. So far Tina's board, MFH's board and a private support group have all been contacted by admins to move stuff around. One forum opted to just let themselves be taken off that server so they could move to a different, more secure one. I'll post the letter all members got eventually. They could have renamed it, but they didn't want to spend the money to do that and that was a feature that would have cost money to do so.

One thing's for sure, the crazy bitch is really worried that they still have their forum somewhere and just has to keep gloating her shit. Not to mention that she's the one who violated terms on her numerous attempts to infiltrate, spam and attack the forum.

So while I'm creating this blog, I'll be sharing things that we weren't allowed to talk about on the sites where our Psycho Stalker watches for any opportunity to report any little thing we say! The insane bitch really has no life! And her delusions that a Paul McCartney staff and security is on her side is even more crazy.

And speaking of crazy, the 10 year anniversary of 9-11 is fast approaching and they're already on high alert. Nobody has ever held anniversaries for terrible events like that in the past. It's almost morbid but people gotta come to grips with it and give it some distance while remembering. I remember where I was on that it was so early in the morning I was alseep when a phone call from my brother in upstate NY called me...

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