Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ringo likes Blondes!

It seems Psycho Stalker Kathryn O will shit skyscraper-sized bricks to realize that men like those blondes!
For those who don't know, K.O. has an intense hatred for blondes. Because they are prettier than her. Of course, a bald-headed leper is more attractive than K.O.!


  1. Psycho Stalker strikes AGAIN on her Insane Crazy Catshit LJ!

  2. Wow she is as insane as they come. Making rape threats towards my sister now? Yeah she can try. She can burn and threaten my family trying to make us "fear" her because that's what she wants. She won't get but a huge outburst of laughter and all her voodoo curses are coming back on her ten fold. Except the rape part, because no rapist can rape thew willing but all her curses are for naught. I have since put mirrors around that skank Michigan bitch when she tried to fuck with my long time friend Tina.

    We'll see whose curses do what to whom. Heh heh heh.

  3. Ringo is a VERY intelligent man! He's also way cooler than the other Beatles. Catshit can fuck off.