Friday, March 8, 2013

Psycho Stalker Rape Threats

The crazy was flowing forth from the diseased glob of slime today...

Catkick Livejournal of Insane Ramblings and further Insane Ranting

We could curse her with rape too, but will not because

A: we're not insane like she is.

B: we have a life and I do have friends, she can fuck off and die in her friendless isolation while cursing everyone on the way further into her own abyss.

C: nobody can rape the willing, and so any curse of that nature upon the TROLL PSYCHO STALKER KATHRYN O would be wasted.

And finally D: Psycho Stalker does a good enough job cursing herself that she needs no help from me or my family.


  1. Jake (deanna's friend so fuck you insane stalker bicth)March 9, 2013 at 2:57 AM

    She's fucking crazy to be posting shit like that! Crazy is as crazy does!
    Nerve she has calling others batshit and obsessed wid no friends!! Oh that's Catkick again, projecting again.
    If she no jealous why she still hung up on the fact you have friends? She can't see them so she's going to try to make you reveal them now? So she can STALK them too!
    She seems hung up on the fuck you finger that she's actually placing a voodoo curse on you and she wonders why people tell her to fuck off. >__>

    1. So crazy that even the bystanders are like ZOMG! She sure tries real hard to come off as intimidating with her mocking like any psychopath does with her "You went mad" with her delsuional theory that I was somehow worried that she didn't believe in PID. What a dipshit! I only study theories like this and find much of it too coincindental but if she thinks I give a flying shit about her fucking beliefs she can take her shit and fly it down her own throat! I can assure everyone that all members of Tina's boards were MORE than glad when she was booted and handed her ass and kicked right on out the door! lol!

  2. FTR, Catkick Kathryn O attacked all the peoples on PID long before anyone said FUCK YOU BITCH! And a finger isn't an "attack" as she seems to think it is.

    That whole OFF WITH THEIR HEADS routine Queenie likes to shout.

  3. What's with the dissing Ringo? I mean if he likes blondes is that any reason to tear him down? That psycho bitch really has such a hate for smart pretty women. But I guess she's the dumb mouth-breathing slob who buys into all the stereotypes and hype.

  4. Yeah, KO tried to curse me, too. She hijacked my email once & sent people rude emails. She also tried to get my forum shut down. She's lovely. :P


    1. Yeah I remember that. Then she tried to blame people of MFH of the deed because she knew there was tension there. She blamed that one guy because he called her out on her bullshit and she tried to use him in the past for being her minion.

  5. Yeah it was stupid of her to do that when the IP was clearly from her OWN workplace!