Friday, June 1, 2012

Psycho Stalker on BeatleLinks

Here is an example of what people have put up with from that horrid little troll-stalker on some Beatles forums. This is just one example of what we at our forums had to put up with before giving the ax on that bitch to the max!

But here I give my readers an example and back it all up with proof. The one thing Psycho Stalker can never do for her claims of being abused and all the nonsense she would troll on out forums.

First the link:
Psycho Stalker under the alias Misfittoy says:
Don't go putting words in my mouth. NO where did I ever say that

She sure bitches about having "words" put in her mouth but then does exactly THAT to other members! Read on!

The link:
LMW28IF said:
This is perfect! I've been in Indiana for more than 20 years. I have had at least one child in the Catholic School System (all under the same guidelines) for more than 15 years, with three currently. I've coached four different CYO Sports, and referred. My wife serves on committees at the school. Mom has worked as an assistant to the Principal (3 different ones) for more than 20 years. All of the above in Indiana, just like you.
What three schools did you attend? Mayb I've been there, know people from there.

Oh, and if it's the "Carholic education" that is the problem, how did the other few hundred kids at your school turn out? The thousands before or since? Please note I am not at all suggesting you were even the smallest portion of the "problem" you had to deal with.
I'm merely interested in the link you have made with "the education" provided. The same one I've been a part of for two decades. I look forward to your response.

(Needless to say, the Psycho Stalker never responded but then, you guessed it! Put words in that person's mouth they never said!)

The link:
Psycho Stalker said:
people were so nasty refuting my claims of abuse saying they couldn't have happened since they lived in the same state as I did during the same timeframe.

WTF alright! Nope. Nobody said or suggested any such a damned thing and now we all KNOW she's lying when she uses tactics like that. I'll point it out again that she also FAILED to provide any info about her claims and she never responded! Instead she waited and then posted that bunch of bullshit to make the person who put her to task look bad. But she fails because people are onto her lies. If it did happen, you'd think she'd be spilling names and giving exact crediable sources to contact. But there's none of that because it's ALL made up drama to get attention. She knows it, we know it. Everybody knows it.

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