Saturday, June 2, 2012

Telling Our Side

I created this blog to deal with issues surrounding various topics but mostly (like EL) to dispell the lies, slander and combat the abuse that Psycho Stalker heaps on me, my friends and people elsewhere everyday.

Let's look at the facts. There are groups of people who have done the wise thing to document all the abuse that Psycho Stalker posts and sends to them. #1 thing any detective or law enforcement agency will instruct a victim of abuse to do is document, document, document. Especially online abuse, because in some states it's a crime and hopefully the law will finally catch up with today and the internet will stop being like what the Old West was like. Anyone with a gun can do whatever they want and escape justice. This documentation is exactly what Psycho Stalker hates! Because she wants her actions to be hidden and only for the victims to be aware but without recourse. She wants her victims subdued. If she can't have that, her abuse tactics get brought up a notch, and believe me, that is when she's calling your home in the middle of the night to threaten she has set fire to your house or car.

When our forum got trolled and stalked after the troll was banned, she continued on her rampage. Here it is some odd years later (troll was banned in 2009) and she still carries on and spreads as much hatred and bull bile as possible. She whines that people "watch" her on forums. The admins have a RIGHT to watch her and those she talks about all the time have a right. I'll tell you why. This has nothing to do with someone being a fan of Beatles or not; although the people she calls stalkers are actually Beatles fans to some extent or another but they're not stalkerish fans like Kathryn O. That's basically her attack against anyone looking in to make sure that they're not today's subject of ridicule, but she hides that reality from onlookers because that would expose her and her game is to make them look bad and make herself out to be the martyr.

Here are the reasons people will investigate;
1- their names or phone numbers might be posted on these forums!
2- To make sure their inboxes won't suddenly get filled with hate mail from someone she dupes into attacking people for her!

These are the real reasons people keep a look-out because these things have happened as far back as 2003!!! Since 2003!

It started after her obsession with Dirk Benedict became so criminal that staff members of his official website were already on the alert. The Psycho claimed that Tracy turned everyone against her, but it was those group moderators and owners that asked the questions because their boards were being filled with extreme threats of violence against the actor and his children posted by Kathryn. They had every right to check out her claims because they knew that she was crazy by the way she kept carrying on.

These same people banned her and hoped that was the end of it. It wasn't. It was the beginning of a long nightmare that she forced upon them all with her continuous attacks and tactics (like spoofing their emails and spamming their boards) to name but a few. Kathryn would then use her aliases to post their personal info while trashing them on various other boards and lying every which way about them. She would even stomp into their other boards where no one even knew of the crap that was going on and proceeded to flame them there too! All the while telling some other group of people how abused she was and how she was such a martyr. If anyone wanted a justified reason why she has people who want nothing more than to see her ass in jail and off the internet for good, I think I have more than provided that reason!

They simply want left alone, but they can't have that peace of mind, because for years they've had to contact various other admins of various other boards because she had filled those sites with abundant loads of shit and lies and here's the kicker - NOBODY FOLLOWED her! NOBODY! They found her shit because SHE introduced them to it by flaunting those links to them via emails or bombardment of their own boards! Like MichiganFandom, nobody knew of its existence until she came into an ABBA group and flung that in front of everyone, spamming their list with that link. Naturally some people took revenge. Can you blame them?

They simply want left alone, but they can't have that peace of mind, because ALSO for years they've had to block so many email addresses because bombardment of their boards would always lead to her getting banned and removed by Yahoo themselves when she was reported, so she would get minions to send them her drivel, threats and harassing insanity with walls of text that shouted, tripped and sounded so hideous that the police were shown her writings. They even shuddered! So people who have been abused by this monster Kathryn O when she couldn't get anywhere, she'd send in some idiot to do her dirty work for her, so naturally people have had to "watch" because the potential of being attacked is always present. We simply want to be prepared.

Dirk, Tracy, Bibbi, Diane, Kimba, Stu, Russ, Chris, the other Chris, Tina, Mike, Mark, Spidey, Khan, Shay, Anna, Whitney, Tonita, Richard, Bill, Linda, Matt, Jane, V, Starshine, Helen, Nacky, AnnaM, Fred, PID, SCA, MFH, DBC, Misery Pest Control, MS, and it goes on, they have ALL been witness to the real horror of Kathryn O's real personality. The thing she hides from everyone who still don't know, who don't see it because sadly, some people are fooled by her insincere, fake friendliness and superficial charm. She is as shallow as a teaspoon and as fake as styrofoam. She is as emotionally geniune as a cardboard box. But the nasty evil sociopath she is, that's real. It's the only thing real about her. That evil, that deep embedded will to do harm to others.


  1. That's basically her attack against anyone looking in to make sure that they're not today's subject of ridicule, but she hides that reality from onlookers because that would expose her and her game is to make them look bad and make herself out to be the martyr.

    Yeah she doesn't want to expose herself as the asshole even though people can already tell that she is the asshole anyway and when she keeps posting about people and then complaining that they look in, it's like we just wanna slap her dumb mug and tell her THEN STOP POSTING ABOUT THEM, IDIOT!

    But she wouldn't get that. Dropping hints is useless and blunt remarks to her are a waste of time. She is simply too damned stupid to get a clue.

  2. You can also include the members of the Hak5 forum. Those members aren't idiots. Very sharp and computer savvy people. They know it was Kathyrn herself who posted a thread topic asking for help in hacking sites. She's goes on to claim that I pretended to be her.
    I'm a member of the Hak5 forum and in good standing. Your IP and ISP is recorded when you sign up at Hak5.
    Kathryn is proving more and more each and every day just how insane, stupid and ugly she truly is.

  3. I used to fall for her bullshit too but even back then I knew she was insane and mentally challenged. I don't really know how much is true of what happened and who got their sites hacked or whatever but back then I even told her that if she wanted to go around and stalk people who've banned her, and she wants to get revenge on people who banned her by following them to their sites and then claim she's being stalked when she just proves she stalks them-then she's just asking for it! She wanted to destroy any site that banned her and go run off whining that she was being stalked! Whatev! How can anyone who banned her be wanting to see her ass anywhere online? Yeah so she's not only crazy but stupid too.

    Incidentally I looked into this "spamming" she kept referring to on the Battlestar Galactica group. The admin there didn't ban her because of the spam that Ron Moore fans posted, the admin BANNED her for flaming people on his boards! He banned her for what SHE was doing herself on the site! I have the email he sent me telling me this! Kathryn O has NO-ONE to blame but herself for being banned from --any-- of those yahoo based groups!
    They all rejected her and want nothing to do with her! Being as how she can't take any type of rejection, the suffering she's forced on countless people should be downright criminal.
    Of course whenever she is banned, she immediately screams MY STALKER OMG! and believe me, it's gotten oooold.

    The truth is, Kathryn O is the stalker. But you knew that already. ;-)

    Kathryn-ugly behavior, gets banned, seeks revenge, stalks them, gets caught stalking them, runs around crying "stalker" everywhere. That's her alright.