Thursday, March 22, 2012

Psycho Stalker would help a Lie because she makes and loveth lies!

Got this today and was reminded of the Psycho Stalker. The biggest troll on the net.
More of her nasty trolling and lying.

Now let's state the facts.

1. -- She's the one who went on and on about the crap she's claiming others said. One of the main reasons she was banned.
2. -- She's the one who posted that crap on tumblr, with one of her aliases.
3. -- There aren't Beatle conventions and since we have proof that she always said that her first "cons" were book and sci-fi cons, this new lie is just another addition to her vast poisonous ocean of filth and lies. Or should I say yet another one of her cons? Further she really isn't a long time fan and saying she has people to back her up, well where are they? That's what I thought. They don't exist because she's really a liar.
4. -- She totally twisted the issue into her own warped version of what was said and nobody was "salivating" if anything, at the mere mention of Kathryn O it's a given that people vomit.
5. -- The psychic was spot on.
6. -- She's just repeating over and over her shit lies in the hopes they will become true and everyone there knows she hates people in the PID forum and as long as those idiot admins allow her to remain, they will hear about it again and again.
7. -- She's now trying to say that if she found out Paul was dead, she'd keep it hidden. Yeah and I'm sure she wouldn't do to the Paul/Faul empire what she's done to every single other person or celebrity for years! (sarcasm) And let us remind people here that it was Psycho Stalker Kathryn who came into OUR forum with her ridiculous lies and claims of seeing Paul's ghost! All of this can be found on our forum.

Psycho Stalker is one gigantic asshole to be sure!


  1. Oh she's the biggest habitual liar I've ever seen, and I've seen some doozies.

    Here on 07-16-2011, she says she's fully clothed, see for yourself:

    Then, on 03-19-2012 and 03-20-2012 the story drastically changes, scroll up and down to see her different versions here:

    She also changes other details from what she told people last year. It's all made up lies and misrepresentations. She's a pathological liar.

    And we did get screen captures of all this ! ;)

    1. My good God! Then she claims she's walking through the forest naked and there just happened to be a photographer there and a policeman! Also! And a guy with a python snake! Wow all three of these things at the same time walking through the same forest! And the policeman wanted his picture taken with her?! While she was breaking the law, I might add! Indecent exposure. I mean any asshole believing that is seriously in need of a severe clue-by-four upside the head!

  2. Good that you have all those screen captures.
    The board is a public one too. ;)
    KO does indeed make people vomit.
    The very thought of her insane, psychotic, stalking, ugly inhumane persona makes me nauseous! *barf*
    A friend came over and I showed what KO looked like in real life.
    My friend's comment was "OMG She IS ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS!"
    His exact words and not mine.
    KO is pathological liar and wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on her ugly troll ass!