Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What my nasty stalker coward should know

You have been following me around the forum for years now, posting insults and lies. It is evident that you derive some sort of pleasure from trying to hurt someone else. Since you are sociopathic, I won´t appeal to your non-existent conscience. What you should know, however, is that you haven´t gotten what you wanted, and you never will.

Let me point out what you will never have. You will never have a celebrity man who validates your lowly existence. Because I refused to allow you to steal my identity from me and hide as an anonymous coward, as you do, I have gained and am still gaining friendships I would have never thought of. The kind of friendships I have gained are the kind that you will never know unless you drastically change. We know that ain't going to happen. Ever. So every time you post an insult or lie to me, merely because your life is so pathetic that you have nothing better to do than to try to troll me, remember that I am happier than you and always will be.

Are you still gloating about being banned from MFH? MOWFO? Many-a-site? Cause I can tell you I certainly get a good laugh out of that now and then.


  1. You are quite right, people like KO hardly ever change their MO unless influenced by some outside force. To some degree or other we are all creatures of habit and this particular individual will continue, sad to say, unless influenced by something outside of her control.

    The world if filled with sick bastards who prey on others for whatever reason; power, control, envy, fear, lust, greed, whatever. Most are typical, the ones who cannot ever get some acknowledgement or recognition they think they deserve, some debased idea that through fear and intimidation they can control and dominate. Ultimately they are nothing, they are little shits who have no life, no meaning to what they do and no idea that people don't really give a shit whether they breathe or take the celestial dirtnap.

    I hate it for you but this shit has been around for eons. Perhaps now that you have made the public outcry she will leech onto another soul and leave you be.

  2. KO attacks everybody and I mean everybody who have seen through all her lies.
    And the support forum was never destroyed it has moved to a more private location and with proboards very gracious help too. ;)
    The people at MOWFO finally gave KO the boot. Good for them!
    Can you imagine knowing that insane psychotic stalker in real life!
    "blechhhh" *eek* I need brain bleach! ;) LOL
    KO also is making a complete an total ass of herself with her posts at LJ.
    She deletes them, but, we keep records of those posts and they're public.
    No one responds to them.
    KO aka Misery aka catkick aka kitty9tales is a gutless coward.
    I've lost count how many sites she's been banned from.
    Have you also noticed that she never ever posts a photo of herself in her LJ?
    Claims she's beautiful. She isn't. She is UGLY both inside and out.
    And KUDOS to you to standing up to her. :)