Thursday, March 8, 2012

Psycho Stalker is still Stalking!

It seems that banning her in 2009 wasn't enough to get rid of this horrid little bitch who goes around lying to everyone on every site about people on the PID forum. Her insane promotion of her insane stories and delusional bullshit just gets more and more extreme. Anyone reading her shit would know she's an absolute crazy sack.

The PID forum had to be placed in private-members-only status because of her! She simply does NOT leave anyone the fuck alone! People, like myself have joined the PID forum to seek answers to some questions, or to further study the PID subject and some people are just there to read what kind of clues are left in songs and photos such as album art. There are varying ideas and various beliefs from all walks and not everyone believes in the bullshit Kathryn O (Psycho Stalker) posts in her horrid little Satanic fictions on her catkick livejournal.

The threads about her on the PID forum are the results of her constant trolling attempts of its members, her continued attempts to break into the site and her repeated harassment of the co-admin, Tina. People need to know the truth about Psycho kathryn o, catkicker, kitty9tales because she is a psycho, and she is a stalker! She will harass you endlessly if you don't do as she wishes. She's also very ugly and she's not young, even if her mind is that of an underdeveloped emotionally ill and vacant nitwit, she is extremely ugly that if you wanted to see what she looks like, I can provide links so you can see for yourself.

Know the truth and with what you're dealing with, people who want to keep doing her bidding! She stalked me and tried to get her friend to terrorize me with an Oregon street address that I no longer even live at! Nice try though. And don't be blaming MFH for that crap. I know it was Psycho Stalker who's behind it.


  1. That's kathery for you. Real sick, she does stuff and then tries to deny it. Posts stuff and tries to deny it even when there are tons of witnesses!

  2. Crazy is an understatement.
    Totally psychotic, twisted, delusional...
    Friends of hers tried to harass you???
    It was Kooky OCrazy herself I bet.
    Anyone who would be a friend of hers has got to completely insane themselves...