Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thoughts of the Day Today

Well, I have gotten my taxes in and will have some fun over the weekend, then invest the rest into something. My friend Bibbi gave me a good idea to invest in my own website so I'll be consulting with her with ideas for that. I wanna make a website for my fellow PowWowers, and have a secure place to store all my online documents as well. & to have my own photo server where I can store the evidence on the Psycho Stalker who plagues the internet.

Also I went back through all my accounts, and password checked them. I use Password Tester to test my security. Of course I can also generate passwords and then test them, but there's no real need to, it's just a tester and I have a few weak passwords but so far no one's gained access and it'd take a real hacker to brute force my stuff anyway and I tested all my passwords on livejournal, facebook, twitter, yahoo, and those are pretty secure sites anyway so I'm good.

In other news, as you might have guessed, Psycho Stalker is still spewing utter insanity on her catkick livejournal! It's like I make a friend with someone from the Paul McCartney forum and now of course Psycho Stalker believes it's Nacks. Everything to Psycho Stalker is Naks because she is just SO obsessed with her that she's seeing poor Nack everywhere! Which also proves she's still stalking Nack. Still making her whole life be about one of those people from some long ago Battlestar/Dirk forum that banned Psycho Stalker. Can you just imagine the insanity of this bitch who still holds a grudge against people?

One thing that really angered me was the utter NERVE of that Psycho Stalker trying to dredge up MY name into some sick twisted mind game, AFTER she's spent so much time attacking ME! Like I even fucking care if she gets emails she can't trace! I know Nack wouldn't do that, but I have seen bonafide proof of Psycho Stalker's antics on MFH and other forums to know her ranting is ludicrous. How's that for an adjective, bitch! Catkick a/k/a Psycho Stalker is still as delusional and desperate. Still trying to convince people of her lies. The NERVE of Psycho Stalker even bringing my name up in some weird way to try to get me hatin' on Nack! Well bitch, ain't gonna happen. And my "psychic" was 100% right on the money about everything! Including the fact that Catkick is no long term Beatles/Paulie fan. Having a fucking T-shirt proves nothing. Wow, I have a T-shirt of the A-Team! A-Team tv series stars Dirk Benedict.

Oh that's another thing, in the last couple of months I was invited to join the official Dirk Benedict website. Nice people there. And every one can recall Psycho Stalker's multiple blogs and email accounts, that they had to report over a hundred times btw!

I can't believe Psycho Stalker is trying to spew on about her usual Nack is evil bit when I can post right here the MANY insane, harassing, twisted posts she's made against me! Like I fucking care what your enemy does to you, CUNT! If someone contacted your friends well keep in mind you wanted to contact many other people who are friends with Nack and that Tracy lady of Dirk's site, trying to slam them! Dumb fucking cunt.
How about that huh?

How about writing long obsessive letters to Dirk Benedict telling him and ordering him to fire his press agents? Or how about all those times people in the SCA were bombarded with emails trying to incite a whole bunch of people to go to Nack's house with lit torches? I have seen the posts wherein SCA members from that group posted their stories of what Psycho Stalker and one of her minions; Betty or whatever did to them and tried to do in the insane quest to destroy Nacky. Now Psycho Stalker has gotten her ass handed to her in Spades, been banned from some local group and went on a rampage of that. Psycho Stalker brings it all on herself!

According to some local SCA territory, Psycho Stalker is banned from contacting them via email and they know what she looks like and has been banned from attending their events. Nack got a restraining order and for the last 6 or 7 years any event held in that area know to call the police if they see that Psycho Stalking bitch from that odd little township in Michigan.

Another hilarious item: Nack doesn't read anything Psycho Stalker says on any site. Must really suck for her to be so totally dead wrong and still spending all her energy flaming someone who isn't even there. So back into the chasm Psycho Stalker slithers to think up some more delusional paranoid mental meltdowns and post them to show how disturbed and crazy she really is. Psycho Stalker gives crazy the stigma that one would only find with that of some deranged serial killer who can't seem to actually make someone dead, but wishes to.

Wonder how her curses are coming along? XD


  1. What I would suggest you all do is gather up any and all information, emails, threats, letters, IP addresses, etc and deposit them into one online hub and then let the world read it.
    Then send the link out to every forum owner, security person, of the sites she frequents as well as her employer so they can all see the pattern of abuse this thing has been creating for years.
    Remember, one thing is a pure fact. There is irrefutable proof out there that this woman stalks people. Evidence she can't possibly fight in a court of law.

    Think about it.

  2. I can guarentee she won't be able to face anything in a court of law. This thing goes back to what I hear, 2003! Even before that. I don't know Tracy or any of Dirk Benedict's staff all that well but I do know that the staff of the forum she's been trolling lately has been in contact with Dirk's staff and they're keeping an eye on her.

    Some people actually put together an online hub and saved a shitload of her harassment and threats and curses and because Psycho Stalker is a stalker, she found it. Long story short, she sent in troll after troll to attack members there. Then last year she had some wannabe hacker criminally minded idiot that she claimed she doesn't know anything about to heavily DoS their site. When a site gets DoS and the victims were already storing evidence, the police who were already informed of this stalker bitch had been monitoring the DoS attacks. The site is still undergoing these attacks but they're getting all the info of the hits and still trying to track down her little friend who's doing this.

    It's funny she claims that some emails stopped when the police became involved, of course any smart guy or gal would know that it's obvious that she had to stop doing the shit she claims others of doing. There was this other troll named Betty that actually admited to some of the crap but Psycho Stalker still tries to pin it all on the victims. From what I hear, this Betty person doesn't troll for Psycho Stalker anymore.

  3. Oh and for more info, there's someone from England that made a blog, you might wanna check it out:

  4. Every blog pertaining to her behaviour reads the same, because her pattern never changes. And it never will until all the solid evidence is put into one place, handed over to the police and charges are filed. She will not stop until she is forced to by the law.

    When it comes to this "person", nobody knows the history better than yours truly.

  5. I have known that stalking psycho for years and she does to people online what she does to people in real life! She pours on the poor-me drama but unleashes such venom and insane accusations that once people know her and know her game, they see the real Mr. Hyde of her true ugly personality. This person really belongs locked up in an insane asylum. -Linda

  6. I'm from MaccasFunHouse and I know that kathryn was the one who trolled a lot over there. We couldn't figure out if she was just bored or really believed in the kind of crap she posted. While I don't subscribe to PID, I do know not everyone is a troll, but kathryn sure was. Kathryn has a real sickness and it's really bad. Her stories from varied forums were such obvious lies and contradictions, one from the other, that we'd laugh. Then she came up with some cock n bull story about the FBI and being an occult go-between. Yes she's >that< crazy and she is a troll. No doubt about that.

  7. She's always reading my LJ. I just ignore her which she can't stand. She's also posting under a fake name at Facebook. Her name isn't Karen. Been talking with some people at LJ who think she's completely and utterly insane. Pleased to see that she was finally banned from MOWFO. Can you imagine knowing that psycho troll in real life? "blechhh" She's sent me harassing emails. I've kept those and sent them to the police department where she lives. Her IP address clearly shows up in the headers. Looking forward to the day where she's in jail and banned from using the internet permanently.