Friday, January 20, 2012

The Psycho Stalker Spews Again!

Not even a month into the New Year and here the Psycho Stalker Kathryn shows she'll never stop! Her latest Livejournal rant is so batfuck insane and very self-contradicting and badly written that you know she's still got that spiked crack pipe up her ass nine miles!

Since I've already addressed this on my own livejournal on which I was alerted to her latest batfuck insane post to begin with, I'm re-posting here.

First she titles her post You're own words.. um try going back to school and learning some grammar, insipid idiot. School. You know the one that's a private school for Catholics, oh wait no, another bunch of posts she claims she went to an all-girl public school, and then it's back to being a private school again. The reality is she's a fucking liar who can't keep her stories straight! Then she claims to be raised Catholic while in yet ANOTHER post on some Yahoo group she claims she was raised as a witch who talks to dead people from the age of three! I'll be giving more info on her crazy ass when I have a good day off and can compile some of these links! I'm sure English Lass will post the beef!

Second she starts off with this whole delusion that I tried to get her to believe in any PID ideas! What a load of fucking bullshit! I never even spoke to that hideous bitch! Not ONCE! And my "ideas" of PID were never conveyed to her, I simply don't give a flying FUCK what the fuck her mental breakdown delusional crazy pea-sized brain is conjuring up. My whole look into PID is as it's always been, a lot of confused secrets and apparent lies as history involving the Beatles has been. To me it's just a study into the whole thing. I don't base my life on it. Like crazy Psycho Stalker apparently does.

Third, nowhere but NOWHERE do I even mention anything about recruiting people to my friends' forums or vice versa! I found a forum and joined it and got further info of the Psycho Stalker who had harassed, stalked and trolled Tina's forum! Then she has this problem that I see her as the most evil thing on the planet! Well I do frankly. But she's all about evil, and black magic and causing others harm. This is the same bitch who terrorized another while fandom called Dirk Benedict, and never once did Paul's name ever come up. We KNOW she's a psycho STALKER of celebrities. She simply burned herself out of that fandom and just sought after another. Replacing her obsessive needs to idolize someone she'll never get or have, toward Paul McCartney.

Fourth, then she goes into her "claim" that goes something like "all I ever did was not believe your PID" ok so, like I said previously, I never fucking gave that bitch the time of day! Now let's look at her "claim" that she didn't "do" anything. Let's look at THAT pile of total bullshit! Let me just make a list of the things she's done that she claims she didn't do, shall we?

1. She trolled and slandered people on our forum, causing trouble and sending harassing and often threatening emails to our admins.

2. When our admins kept banning her and blocking her, she would try something else.

3. Tina has saved all communications that Psycho Stalker sent via email. Psycho would send numerous emails laced with harassing content and threats and then ended with the ALL CAPS screaming of LEAVE ME ALONE! This is a psycho who sent emails with all that harassing shit while screaming to be left alone. That goes beyond retarded. You want left alone? Stop sending emails! Simple. But Psycho Stalker doesn't get it.

4. After realizing she wasn't getting anywhere, she stalked our forum day and night, always posting crazy laughable spewing rants on her livejournal about what we were saying on our forum! We even blocked off from public view some of our boards so we could be left alone, yeah for someone who claims to want left alone, she sure kept stalking our every move!

5. Since her ban from our forum she had been trying relentlessly to destroy our forum by making numerous malicious reports against it. They kept ignoring her. The admin finally moved because of the shit she would NOT stop! Of course that wasn't good enough, she still gloated and still bitches about us every day on any available forum where they don't know her as her victims do.

6. She has tried to recruit hackers to destroy our forums.

And there is where her claim that she did nothing falls completely apart! Her contradictions and lies are rife in all her insane, unstable posts on any site. And people can see her vicious evil because it's all there...

I did nothing / they deleted your forums.

So DID so do something! Admition right there! The crazy bitch admits to reporting us until something happened. And she thinks people won't find her the little cunt she is? Oh think again, think again! Yeah out of the "all I ever did" shit is an obvious glaring bunch of shit she herself gloats about and admits to while trying to claim she did nothing! Bitch fuck off you horrid little creep with no life.

Oh and Nacky's sentences are very readable by everyone except a psycho stalker with horrible writting skills! The only thing Psycho Stalker can write is contradictions of her own self, lies and as so many have pointed out before, horrid spelling. I guess that's why she hates anyone who can write, so she spends her life having a meltdown about the population out there who just doesn't want anything to do with that fucked-in-the-head lowlife! Which next to Hitler, Hitler would appear as a reasonable man. That is how fucked up Psycho Stalker is!

She's obviously never going to leave me alone. So now she's got half the population of earth she's going to spew hatred against and lies about, while the other half are blissfully ignorant of her real personality.


  1. Wow she never stops and her whole labeling people still goes on, she calls others "evil" then claims nobody knows evil or good because she can't tell the difference, which only proves she's so evil incarnate that she doesn't think her actions are evil when she's doing evil. Which is an everyday thing as I've come to realize!

    Yes still trolling on the sites over there and she's still going on and on about PID this and PID that, so she's still stalking you guys! Even on her catkick teenybop porn journal she's showing how she's taking peeks in on your stuff! Yes people can see that! Well she wants to snoop, she gets what she deserves! Her claims that she's a long term Macca fan is laughable! Oh yeah she claims to have some puzzle that anyone could get off Amazon! Wow yeah that proves nothing. But she'll post about it anyway.

    If she thinks Macca is going to give her the time of day because she kept reporting some PID forum, she'd better brace herself for a shock back into reality! He fucking don't care what her drama is and he'd tell her to fuck off just as readily. He knows fans like her are psycho. He's had his share of 'em.

    I'll be waiting for those links but I also have other stuff to post too. Thanks Deanna! And sorry you keep getting targeted by that rich broad white trash who's got nothing better to do with her life than spew on eternally about everyone who knows what she is and sorry for Nacky too.

  2. My IP stats show that the crazy psycho bitch googled "nacky deanna" in order to find my blog again in the referring link timestamp, and the IP, you guessed it:

    Psycho Stalker still stalks and is still a psycho! It's no wonder nobody can stand her.

  3. Oh yeah she's still stalking me! What a loser! Thanks E.L. for your updates and yeah we who are not her are very happy about that fact! If some evil little wannabe witch wants to wish "me" upon myself, I think that's hysterical since I'm quite happy to be me and don't have the major psycho mentally insane problems she has!

    So she's been stalking me and from my blogger I can see her sticking her hideous greasy face in here!
    I give you - SITE STATS!

    Number of Entries:15 (4 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:20 Jan 2012 13:22:31
    Visit Length:2 mins 51 secs
    Browser:Safari 4.1
    Resolution:1280x1024 Total Visits:3
    IP Address:Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address]
    Search Referral: — psycho stalker pid

    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:

    Number of Entries:13 (1 this visit)
    Entry Page Time:19 Jan 2012 15:56:21
    Visit Length:0 seconds
    Browser:IE 8.0
    Resolution:1024x768 Total Visits:4
    Location:Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States
    IP Address:Comcast Cable ( [Label IP Address]
    Search Referral: — nacky deanna

    Visit Page:​due-to​-psycho.html

    And that's just over the weekend folks!

  4. I know right? Total psycho and anyone she calls liars are anything BUT! So far anything I've heard from other sources were ALL telling the truth and backed it up! Like you've done as well.

    And I can't believe that anyone who reads her psycho shit can not see THAT! Seeing her mental meltdowns.

    I did go through your other posts on here, and yeah nowhere do I see anyone claiming to recruit anyone but would it matter anyway? Is Psycho Stalker Kathryn so worried that people are comparing notes? OF COURSE SHE IS! She don't want no one talking that's for sure!
    I mean she did try to recruit hackers to infiltrate you guys' forums and all!

    I'm even one of her targets! She reported my posts in the past when I'd point out how stupid her Stella-bashing was, and believe it or not she STILL bashes Stella every chance she gets!

    So she reported all my posts! I need to put a signature on my profile to stuff that nasty bitch's smirk back into her fat gob and make her choke on it and rub her face in some of her own shit! I was thinking of going for a sig like:
    'Quickly Notify An Administrator To Delete This Post Because The Truth Upsets You!'

    But everyone is right about her. She just can't comprehend how much of a psycho problem she is.

  5. Oh I don't know if you've seen the latest Crazy O laugh riot of insane on her catkick livejournal but the latest really does give the small audience she does have something to laugh at ! Now she's talking about threats to a staff member ! WTF? Next thing ya know she'll be saying someone pointed a stick at her and waved it around and caused a witchy spell to make the barb-wire growing in her armpits sprout like a porcupine!

    The latest post is even more laughable when she claims to (whomever she's addressing) that everyone likes her! Oh really ? Is that so ?

    Maybe that's why she's still so full of hate and misery and still complaining about Catholics and everyone else on the planet and never satisfied with her empty existence ! That and the fact that she keeps claiming she has no friends and that no one likes her ! LMAO ! What a psycho ! What a psycho, indeed.

    What's even funnier is that she has NO way of being able to infiltrate those other people's hang-outs of the individuals she's stalked for years. I think it's her who can't stand how much those people are liked and accepted despite how hard she tried to flame them to all ends of the earth ! Those people have more friends than she'll ever imagine and those folks actually have real friends. Where she, being the rich broad she is, only has friends who she can buy temporarily.

    It also shows her insecurity and desperation. If she's so well liked why does she have to announce it ?

    Yeah. She ain't got nothin' but shit spewing from her gapping garbage hole.

  6. Keep a record of your logs. Every time she accesses your blog, document it with the search info and IP addresses she's using.
    Also, when she posts a new entry to her livejournal blog, get a screen grab of it when it first appears, before she has a chance to remove it. The only reason she's taking down her own posts is because she knows livejournal will shut her down if they stay up long enough to receive complaints about.

  7. Oh we've been keeping all evidence we can! Believe me. Psycho Stalker being a raving screaming lunatic that she is goes on these binges to cook up reports against anyone who is saving the evidence. We've been under fire ever since our admin banned her ass.

  8. I got this info from asking around. All from different sources like your forum, MFH, David Icke and a couple group members of something called MOFO. I wish the troll would leave the real fans alone.
    She's been plaguing facebook too.
    Well isn't that special, isn't that just her perception of the conspiracy theorist?
    And didn't she claim to be a psychic who worked for celebrities on David Icke's forum? Why yes. she DID claim that and she's a psychotic liar. It's like that fake Charlie G she's still trying to say is a real person (Gauto, but she's long since forgotten how to spell her fake ID since she had her fake Charile account removed for abuse by Yahoo), or the lie about her sister being dead.

    The troll wants to sit there and just insult, belittle, malign and slander others, but if anyone HOW DARE THEY ever points out her nasty attitude and her lowly behaviour, it's all suddenly some "misperception" of her! Bitch please! Kathryn is the very cunt she claims others to be!

    This whole thing is what we'd call a multi-contradictional post.

    1. The brother and his wife are being taken to lunch but in the next sentence, she's running errands with her mother?

    2. The first CD came out in the 1980s and CD burning wasn't something you could do until the 1990s. Regardless of her claim that her family had a record-making apparatus in their home! So decades old? Like she's trying to say CDs have been around forever. So much for her record-collecting lies. Any record or cassette collector would know these simple facts.

    3. She claims to go in and out of shops, but in BL she has stated several times that she can barely walk and is crippled.

    4. Then instead of going in and out of shops with the mother, the next sentence she's "waiting" for her mother and reading an album?

    5. Funny that she was online the whole time while all this was supposedly happening!