Thursday, June 27, 2013

Psycho Stalker's Insane Journal Documented

Dear Readers, I have a new link to share with you! It seems Psycho Stalker Kathryn's attack and delete method hasn't worked for her. The evidence is still on the internet! I guess she thought she could do all her horrid deeds and be exempt from them! HA! What a delusional yeastwad.

Here is the LINK that has all those insane livejournal postings of hers!

The only thing that kinda worries me is that they put the link of our private forum from ProBoards on their blog's links area to the right. We had been so careful to keep that off her scope because I know the members and mods were all making the big move to another one of their servers to escape the threat of being hacked. Psycho Stalker had tried to get hackers to destroy it for those who don't know this, and I know no one wanted to take any chances of that actually happening. But now the forum's link is there and if she sees the blog (which Psycho Stalker will) then she'll see that link too, perhaps. Maybe? She is really dimwitted and stupid. So maybe she won't.

Either way, the link is there and I don't think she actually got anyone to hack anything for her. So we should be pretty safe. I just worry.

So that's the latest. Been busy having summer fun! Like all the people, except for Psycho Stalker who is busy stalking somebody named Rahil.

Edited to add:

Here are the full blogs of Psycho Stalker's posts on LJ.

First Batch
Second Batch
Third Batch
Fourth Batch
Fifth Batch
Sixth Batch
Seventh Batch
Eighth Batch

And be sure to check out the oldest and newest blogs there too, the "What We Intend" because that is all perfectly stated!


  1. the crazy bitch won't be able to do a THING about the forum!

  2. DeAnna, there's nothing the horrid little trolling stalker KO can do about any forum. In reality she's not succeeded in getting anything removed except some people's LJ who are members of that in-the-shitter JHP group. And I know people who weren't involved directly with them, did come to them to give them advice to back everything up because whenever anyone even dares go against that piece of shit KO, they become her targets and she does report people like a rabid vicious zombie or something. She just doesn't stop but in this case, she won't be able to do SHIT!

    So relax and watch her implode. She will, you know. You can set your watch by her patterns of rage.