Thursday, August 30, 2012

Psycho Stalker on PID Forum (Some of the Screencaptures)

This post is to show people what kind of pathological liar Kathryn O (misfittoy, karen nesbit, catkick) is.

As you will see from her posts on our forum, she started immediately with the mind games, the drama, forcing people into her episodes of abuse and tantrums. She started spamming her porno links and of course she went right into her stalker spiel. All the projection you can imagine mixed with insanity of a delusional schizophrenic narcissistic nag-bag.

I present you, my dear readers, with the evidence from PID.

                                                           Her profile:

Some of her crazy posts on PID:


There are some of the posts. The first three after her profile, are all one long post, and then some shorter ones after that. So there you have it.

Here is the actual link to her long stupid post about whatever acid trip she was on with her silver ghost shit, but anyone who isn't a member at PID won't be able to see it. But one day, that may change when we feel safe enough.

We at PID have said for years how horrible her writing is. She still can't seem to understand how to spell the word "orgy" or "hippy". She's always trying to pluralize the words and use them as singular words! A singular word usually ends with a "y". Not an "ie" suffix. But that's just the tip of the iceberg of her horrible writing and spelling.

This blog post, a gift to the good people at LJ.


  1. That link only leads to the log-in site of the PID forum. I think you can only read her shit there if you are a member, right?

    1. Ooops, sorry, you wrote that already. My fault.

    2. Yeah you'd have to be a member to see the posts. And some of them are on hidden sub-boards now.

  2. I included your link, DeAnna, so people can see the screencaps you've got here too.

  3. Man, is she a mixed bag of severe whackjob--or what?? I love that she's been writing Beatles fic for over 30 years... then says here the site inspired her to write, um almost exactly 3 years ago!!

    LOL. I'm not saying she CAN write, though. ;)

  4. Oh she's more than severe whackjob, she's a whole scary kinda crazy. I think she's trying to do a Yoko. Stalk a Lennon guy, and then make a complete ass of herself. I've heard of her recent stalking of Julian! Really she should leave him the hell alone!

  5. Wish KO would confront Yoko. Yoko would demolish her. Hoping KO gets run over by a garbage truck. Be a fitting end for her and good riddance!

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH for these captures! The nasty bitch tried to tell me the same bogus bs about being a longtime Beatles fan and it always baffled me that she knew next to nothing about them! She always tries to come off as the leading know-it-all but she crammed for whatever one of her relatives left her in the way of books and stupid t-shirts. I do know she once slipped and said that her sister had all this Beatles stuff. Mmm-hmmm.