Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Psycho Stalker's Isolation

It's funny that Psycho Stalker has spent years harassing that family in Arkansas while sitting up in her mother's house just posting some of the stupidest garbage, and uneducated uninformed BULLSHIT against anyone when the FACTS are so easily brought forth.

Where Psycho Stalker lives: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Stats on BH, Michigan:

City 5.0 sq mi
population: 3,869


Now let's look at the city where my friends live in Arkansas:

City 64.6 sq mi
population: 86,209

Forbes magazine recently named Fort Smith as the number one city in America for cost of living. The publication also highlighted Fort Smith for its highest-paying tech jobs in the nation.

Legitimate Source of info:

I'm gonna post this information every time I see that psycho Psycho Stalker posting anywhere about these people who've been victimized by her for years about where they live and makes fun of them for living in a state that she sees as "poor" like all the people she looks down through her nose at and makes fun of poor people like the privileged snitty-snot-nosed bully she is!


  1. She also harasses other people who live in smaller towns outside Detroit and there she is living in one of the SMALLEST! But because it's a richy rich snob town, she figures it's better than the other towns in Michigan. It's just typical Kathryn behaviour to put down someone based on their locations. Like she puts down people for other things too, like their race, their skin color, their marital status, etc.

    1. Oh she harassed Tina for so long and still goes around taking pot-shots at her. Like here:

      Needless to say nobody (even the folks at DBC) knew her for 10 years. Her story changes with any new audience member she can get the attention of.