Sunday, February 17, 2013

Psycho Stalker Jealous of Me Having Friends

The lastest bombardment of craziness on a certain Catkick livejournal is just more proof that Kathryn O is a Psycho Stalker who should be locked up.

First of all, she begins her new frothing at the mouth with a title about me having lots of friends. Which I do have, but this comes right after she indicated burning a picture of my sister for a voodoo doll. I'll let my readers decide for themselves the level of insanity that woman has. It breaks any meter of it, I'm sure.

The fact is I do have many friends. As does the person she blasted called Blasted Bill. I'm guessing this Bill person is just another poor soul who had the misfortune to cross this crazy bitch's path and seen through her mask of sanity.

My friends are geniune and I have friends from different countries. While I never professed to have the multitude of an entire country of friends, I do speak truth when I say that I have friends from here all the way to Europe and onto Asia. Germany and Spain, Japan and even a couple friends from Indonesia. My friends are people I actually met in real life and keep in touch with. There are multitudes of cultures that have attended my community's local PowWows and other Native American events. So I do know my friends on a more personal level than Crazy Psycho Stalker seems to delude herself about the way my life is.

See the fact is, Psycho Stalker doesn't have any real friends. She is a sociopath. Her only hope of keeping a friend is to find someone who is weak and vulnerable and cannot recognize her fakeness and Glibness and Superficial Charm.

So her friends are merely objects to be used. They don't have an ounce of common sense to realize they are dealing with a sociopath.

I, on the other hand, can make friends and keep them because I am an honest person and I have that little thing that Psycho Stalker will never have; social graces. I also do not lack sincerity and I don't have to fake emotional bonds to keep people interested. I do not have the nutty sychophants she seems to find in the troll cave she comes from.

At any rate, she posts through her ass. Her newest post is also quite a laugh riot. The biggest example of projection that I've ever seen!

Describes self and she slams with "vile" whatever that means

As usual, you'll find NO links to any of the blogs she is so pissed off about. Not one. Do you know why? Because then people would see that it isn't US who are spending our lives slamming her or anyone. We are DOCUMENTING and RECORDING her doing just that! It is her who spends all of her time just going crazy on people. You see it in her LJ, her FB, her posts on all forums. While we stick to our designated blogs and keep her out of OUR LIVES at large. She doesn't even factor into our lives. What people see here in our blogs is the collective experiences from people who have had to deal with this nasty Psycho Stalker, some of them for years! Otherwise she doesn't even come into our minds in our daily lives. I'm sure she congradulates herself on being able to cause this much disruption and I'm sure she delights in causing enough problems for people with her cyberbullying and cyberstalking and her insane brand of attacks that end up looking as ugly and ridiculous as her face does. But she doesn't control anyone. FTR; I never wanted her friendship. I would not accept her on any level. She is insane, she is deranged. She is dangerous. And she's not a friend to anyone. Why would I even consider her as anything other than a lowly demonic being that should have passed on long ago? Hopefully her time is at an end. Good riddance to that shit.

I have also gotten another pic of her ugliness from someone. I will add it to the Ugly Woman entry. Because we all know that she started her online war against humanity after her botched attempt at stalking a celebrity (Dirk Benedict) on a cruise, even now I know that when she got back from that cruise she attacked anyone and everyone who just wouldn't buy into her deluded drama bullshit. We all know she prefers to be the utmost center of attention and she will keep her trolling up until they drag her away in a strait-jacket. God I hope there are News cameras...

So in closing, I'd like to show something else that she'll never ever ever have.

It's GOTTA be killing her! HA HA AHA HA HA!

Oh and she won't be gettting this either!

Psycho Stalker has already choked on her own bile, her biopsy, and her steel dildo.


  1. She ends her post with the words "batshit crazy. nuts" (sic)

    Is that her signing her own name to it, or is she knowingly posting a batshit crazy nuts post and bragging about how batshit crazy nuts she is?

    I can see her writing is still as horrendous as ever. If she's going to attack people and clearly she has made it her life calling, maybe people wouldn't laugh so hard at her if she actually used proper grammar and punctuation?

    Her spelling is what makes her whole rant look like the ravings of a "batshit crazy nuts" person becoming unhinged! A drug addict, a total drunk or maybe just someone who cannot lay off the meds. I think it's a combo of all three.

    Learn the proper use of the word "vile", bitch, and for God's sake learn how to spell! Chock? Really? When people see her posts the only reaction there is, is that of laughter!

    Wet? yeah, PMSL wet!

  2. And once again she has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she's THE PLAGUE OF THE INTERNET.
    And also insane, psychotic and UGLY both inside and out.
    Did I leave anything out? ;)

    Yes, I can hear all the cheers now of the netizens that have been attacked, harassed and stalked by her...when's she's taken away in a straight-jacket. Or better over by a gigantic garbage truck! ;)
    Picture Animal and Miss Piggy from the Muppets when they see Catshit!
    Animal "Woman? UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY!" Animal then begins to beat the tar out of Catshit...
    Miss Piggy "Hiyaaaa!" and flings her arm out and sends Catshit flying away from her computer and off the planet into outer space...we never ever see Catshit again!


  3. Batshit crazy and nuts. That's what I thought to myself when reading her catkick livejournal. I could only stand so much until my guy started hurting from laughing so hard.

  4. Really is that ALL she could attack you with, is to rant on about you havinng friends? She only makes herself look more like the weirdo freak she really is when she posts such vitriol at someone and attempting (lamely) to mock them having friends.

  5. As your very good and true friend, DeAnna, I can see that this Catkick-sick-o person is really a pathetic little stick up her arse nag. Looking at her pics you've got in the other entry, I can tell just by looking at her vacant stare and rather scary looking face, that she's got no life or no real friends. Any "friend" she has is a pawn, someone who's been manipulated into thinking they need her. You hit the nail on the head. You just gotta laugh at shitholes like her.

    1. Sweet of you to add your two cents. Appreciate it much!

      And thank YOU Bri!

  6. In Favor of Killing Internet TrollsFebruary 18, 2013 at 10:57 PM

    Catshit Crazy Bat Nagger from Michigan goes into a BIG delusion there! What a complete narcisist! She thinks her brand of "friendship" was actually wanted????? WHOA BITCH! Nobody, including DeAnna even thought a single nano-second about being your friend! Some people have class and stay away from crazy fuckers like you, C-Kick C-Sick Crazy Kathryn O! Don't flatter yourself with the lines that someone will never get your just means that someone has escaped a HUGE misfortune and that's a GOOD thing!

    I'll bet anyone who actually had any "friendships" with you, including that imaginary husband of yours is singing the song "Since You Went Away" by the Monkees.

    Cause the plants have grown
    The dog came home
    The bills are all getting paid
    Things are much better since you went away!
    And I've changed my looks
    I read new books
    I've got friends that mean what they say
    Things are much better since you went away!

    1. A better song to describe Kathryn O and what people are saying to her would be The Outsider by A Perfect Circle.

      Help me if you can
      It's just that this, this is not the way I'm wired
      So could you please,

      Help me understand why
      You've given in to all these
      Reckless dark desires

      You're lying to yourself again
      Suicidal imbecile
      Think about it, put it on the faultline
      What'll it take to get it through to you precious
      Over this. Why do you wanna throw it away like this
      Such a mess. I don't want to watch you.

      Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time
      What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die

      Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence
      Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence

      Lying through your teeth again
      Suicidal imbecile
      Think about it, put it on the fautline
      What'll it take to get it through to you precious
      Go with this, why do you wanna throw it away like this
      Such a mess, I don't wanna watch you...

      Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time
      What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die

      They were right about you
      They were right about you

      Lying to my face again
      Suicidal imbecile
      Think about it put it on the fautline
      What'll it take to get it through to you precious
      Over this, why do you wanna throw it away like this
      Such a mess, come to this, come to this

      Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet at a time
      What's your hurry, everyone will have his day to die
      If you choose to pull the trigger, should your drama prove sincere,
      Do it somewhere far away from here

  7. It's always pointed out how bad her writing is but she has proven that she refuses to learn and insists on making an ass of herself anyway. That's the least of it. She refuses to stop her downward spiral.

  8. Hi,

    I would like to have a private conversation with you please DeAnna.
    I am part Native American Indian, member of PM site. Have had aweful things happen to me and believe after reading here and the catshit area I know why I have been living in years of misery. I am sincere and will give you my identity if you keep it confidential. I am really afriad.

    1. Hey sorry about the wait. Is there an email I can contact you at? If you feel uneasy about putting an email here and believe me, I understand, then is there an alternative?

      In any case, if there's an email you wish to leave here, I promise I will remove the comment containing an email address at your request when I get here. Rest assured the Psycho Stalker probably won't see it here as she mainly stalks other people. I'm stalked by her too, but not as much as others.