Monday, December 3, 2012

Fake Marriages on Facebook LOL

Psycho Stalker was married to a Troll from Trek Space! Or Battlestar Galactica as it were. How special. This is the groom.

I must thank someone named Betty (lizdfowler) for this as it was taken from an old thread in an old Battlestar Galactica group (the name of the TV series and whose members that Psycho Stalker will ONLY refer to as "sci-fi" to hide the NAME of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA so nobody can really look into her ugly history) during the time Betty and Fiz Bin a/k/a Todd (or as a moderator called him; Trolling Todd) were fighting over the NEW Ron Moore series vs. the OLD series as created by Glen A. Larson.

Of course this unholy union of Psycho Stalker Kathryn, and Fiz Trolling Todd Bin is a match made in Hell when you see he's really, um, er... the guy is hideous ok! They deserve each other. They can finger each other over at Facebook. You know they will.


  1. "ewwww" I need brain bleach!

  2. It looks like her BROTHER! Are we sure these two aren't related? Looking at the Crazy KO's pics and his pic, they look almost identical!

  3. Their facebook profiles are ridiculous but now I can see why they don't post their own mugs. Ick!

  4. 100% agreed that their Facebook profiles are ridiculous.

    And look at what nonsense Psycho Stalker posts:

    "Finally blocked my cyber bully. I know she'll just use another ID to spy since she has many Facebook IDs but right now, I do feel a sense of peace. I hope she thinks I was just deleted or something."

    Sounds like something Psycho Stalker would do and already does with all of her sock puppets and IDs.

  5. the part that scares me the most is if they reproduse......

  6. Wow...she is gone again. I wonder for how long that works.

    1. She keeps coming back. Unless someone starts listening to the Wise Ones who know how this bitch does, and can predict her every move, she'll remain at large.

    2. I think she's finally been banned from facebook.

      She was asking for two whole days on the Stilyagi list if facebook was down. LOL! They don't fuck around, they ban stalkers and troublemakers like her!

      Here's some more links of the Psycho in action...