Friday, September 28, 2012

The Facebook Pics II

These are courtesy of Angie, via Sindy, via Richard. It's always good to back things up and save, save, save.


And some more...

And one from my sister to Psycho Stalker.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ugly Woman

These are available on other sites, so I figured I include them here just so people can see what this psycho stalker looks like. She is NO petite exotic dancer or any of the other things she claims to be. This is her!

The 2004 Cruise where she acted like the psycho she is!

The 2004 Cruise with her ex-friend.

The 2004 Cruise and poor Dirk!

The 2004 Cruise. Poor dolphin.

ConFusion 2005 - RUN guy RUN!

Freak Party.

Just GROSS! It's called a "Shaving Razor", use it!

EEEK! Don't even need a mask for Halloween!

Psycho Stalker is the one on the far left (your left) in black, with the ugly face. You see her. Mike Rudas, her minion is the guy in the way back with the blonde shoulder-length hair. He's the one who helps her do shit to people she targets. He is allegedly a computer technician.

EEEEECK! HOLY SHIT! It's a piece of shit sans the dead chicken on her head!

 SOOO UGLY! Just seeing her will give you nightmares! How does this thing even live without being zapped by some higher authority?

More ugliness.

Just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside!
Vacant stare. Nothing there. She's a toxic one. Wants to kill everyone.